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Random Thoughts

I’ve been reflecting on a few things.

1. Don’t hold grudges. Forget the past and concentrate on today and the future.

2. Be sincere and honest. Don’t be a fake friend. Kissing someone on the cheek while stabbing them in the back is never acceptable.

3. Do everything with the highest integrity. When you look back and someone asks if you would do it differently, be able to say no because what you did was the right thing to do.

4. Remember, nobody knows what someone else is going through. The things that weigh on their mind.

5. Kindness and respect will never go out of style. Lavish both on those you come in contact with everyday.

6. Remember the three F’s. Faith. Family. Friends. Nothing is more important than those three things. Nothing.

7. Tolerance is not a bad word. It isn’t the same as acceptance. But it is filled with kindness and respect.

8. Be thankful for every single day. Even the seemingly bad ones.

A Handwritten card

I got home from work yesterday and stopped at the mailbox, as is my routine. There was a hand addressed envelope to me. I opened it up and it was a nice hand written note from Andra. Such a sweet gesture. I will treasure it.

But it got me to thinking. In the day of emails, texting and messaging, it seems that handwritten cards and notes have gone by the wayside. Now, I have horrible handwriting so nobody wants me to write them a letter I’m sure. But I always try and put a note in a card at least (even if the recipient can’t decipher my scribbles).

It meant that someone took time to actually write something and it is a heartfelt gesture. My card made me smile – as much for the gesture as the content. I’m thankful there are still people who value that.


It’s budget time of year for me. Ugh. I hate numbers. But at least I’ve started earlier this year and I think I’m in good shape. I have a meeting with my treasurer in the morning and board meeting on Thursday. We won’t even vote on the budget this week. So, yeah, I’m early. That’s good. But I still hate numbers. I’m just thankful I’m mostly done with it this year.

It was another gorgeous day today. It’s looking like rain tonight, but I’m loving the warmer weather.

Not much else going on. I’ve had my nose in work all day except for getting out for lunch. Boring me.

This was not a fast paced story with plot twists and turns. But it was a well written story with wonderful character development, from Helene to Reverend Mother Crewelman to Mother Adelli. The characters were rich and I truly felt like I was a part of their lives.

Not being Catholic, I didn’t really understand all the rules. But it didn’t matter. The story was so well told that nothing else mattered. I wanted to jump in and defend Mother Adelli on multiple occasions.

I recommend this book. It will pull you deep within the pages and leave you thinking when the last page is turned. Four out of five stars.

The best news ever today. My daughter was down at the police station with a line up from the mugging/attack she witnessed the other day. Doing her civic duty and the right thing. While she was there, she asked them if they had ever heard anything about her stolen Jeep. Lo and behold, they found it the day after it was stolen and just didn’t feel it was important enough to contact her – cops are idiots!

But the good news is that the only things missing from it were the catalytic converter and ignition. Her couture gowns, garment rack, Soren’s car seat – all still in there and untouched. The bad news is that the victim (my daughter) has been penalized and charged an exorbitant $250 to recover her own vehicle. I think this is just wrong and the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. But she has thousands of dollars of gowns and other clothes she has made.

I’m thrilled though (but now totally broke). Anybody want to buy a 1998 Jeep Cherokee without a catalytic converter or ignition?????

On another note, it was good to spend time with my dad again today. Then I went to see my uncle and aunt. I always love seeing them.

Today was a good day.

Pamela Beckford:

This is so me – I think I must join a group, but then that would take away from my reading time!


The first step is admitting you have a problem, and I admit — I have an addiction to reading. So using my own personal experiences, I’ve compiled 21 signs that your love of books  may  have gotten out of hand.

 And don’t forget to share ‘what you’re reading’ in the comments below!

You’ve spent hours in a bookstore.

You’re super-tired at work because you stayed up way too late reading just one more chapter, and then another.

You’re always making your partner or friends crazy by reading aloud lines from the book you’re reading.

You get more than a little defensive of your favorite authors.

You’ve been late to work/college classes to finish a book.

You know the book will be better than the movie before it’s out.

You’ve read more books than seen movies in the last month.

You’ve sunk into a state of depression after finishing a really good book (also called a…

View original 171 more words

Pamela Beckford:

A lovely review of Voices of Nature. Thank you Ellespeth

Originally posted on Views From A Poet:

Are you wondering how to spend a lazy spring or almost spring afternoon? My advice would be to read the poetry collection Voices of Nature by Pamela Beckford and Kirsten A – now available at

There is the Lone Poinsettia – by Kirsten -just a beautiful full circle going on here.  Spring Sings…carries the reader away from winter and snow. Pamela’s Winter Winds can almost be felt in the bones – warmed by cocoa and escaped with the help of a favorite book!

Anyone who would like to read poetry about the seasons of nature and life and love will enjoy spending time curled up near a final fire glowing in the fireplace or on the balcony hoping for spring reading this collection.

Wondering what all those different forms of poetry are all about?  This is the book for you!  Fantastic forms and – at the end of…

View original 31 more words

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