Not just a one day event, I'm blogging every day about what I'm thankful for

New normal

I think I must just be getting used to my new normal life. Figures since it is finally just about at an end.

I’m thankful I’m more at peace with it all. Of course I would be much happier if it didn’t start so darn early every day.

Tonight has been a great night. I’m in much better spirits than I have been in weeks. I’ve smiled. It feels good. I’ve written poetry. Oh how I’ve missed that.

Blown Away

Tonight I’m thankful for a couple of things. Thankful that I went home this morning and was back asleep by 7:30. I napped until 11:00. Then I put on my bathing suit and laid on the deck sunbathing and napping until about 2:00. I rely on Sunday to catch up these days. Hopefully we will be able to move dad two weeks from tomorrow. It all depends on one life insurance policy yet.

The other thing I’m so thankful for is Dreams of Love was free for Friday and Saturday. I had 135 downloads. No real promotion of it, but it rocketed to the top 2500 free books on all of Kindle. I think that’s pretty amazing.

To cap it off, I just saw a review on Amazon that blows me away.
Seriously Susan Marie Molloy wrote an absolutely amazing review. It made me cry, although I know I was smiling and blushing through the tears.

Now it is time to promote Love: Lost and Found.
It is currently doing quite well in the sales rankings too.

Tonight I’ve decided that I’ve been a Debbie Downer for far too long. Sure, I’m tired. Sure, I’m stressed. Sure, I’m ready for this to be behind me.

But, it could be a lot worse. I could be making funeral arrangements instead of nursing home/Medicaid arrangements.

What I want to talk about tonight though are all the things I appreciate most now that I don’t have them.

1. Being able to put on my pajamas in the evenings when I know I’m in for the night. And you men won’t understand this but I’m sure the women will. I appreciate being able to take off my bra. Instead I’m still in my work clothes until after 10:00 pm

2. Having my electronic devices near me and able to charge conveniently. Instead I have to crawl over the back of the couch to find a plug every night.

3. Being able to shut the curtains to shut out the morning light. I’m sleeping on the couch and it is in front of a large window with only sheer curtains.

4. Sleeping in past 6:15 just one morning. Of course it would be difficult with the light (see #3). I hate to complain about volunteers but the morning guy gets here at 6:30. Home health doesn’t arrive until 7:00 so there is no need for him to be here so early.

5. I’ve never professed to be a morning person. But I never really thought I was a grump in the morning either. I’ve found that I am. It’s because I usually have at least an hour before I have to talk to anybody. Now I’m lucky if I gave five minutes. But the good news is, I haven’t bitten anyone’s head off or injured anyone yet.

I’m hoping all of this will be behind me soon. I really don’t know how I will cope if we can’t get dad moved at the beginning of August. I guess my sister will have to actually spend some time here (don’t get me wrong, she is here about 45-60 minutes a day).

What a wonderfully told story. It was a fable-like coming of age story that was just delightful to read. It was a slow-paced, well though out tale of Dominic and Pascala. Their worlds came together and were tied by a single event before they ever knew each other as young children.

I could have kept reading about their lives. The character development was splendid. This story was one everyone should read. I feel like a better person having just read this book.

I would have preferred one more run through by a proofreader though as there were a few typos and incorrect words. But it did not hamper my reading of the book at all.

I highly recommend everyone take a few hours and give this book a read.

Somehow I missed that this was a Book 2 in the Civil War Trilogy. But this book had no problem standing alone. Not sure if I should read the first book next or just finish up the series next.

I really enjoy books set in the civil war time. And I thought I knew the history pretty well. But the style of this book was to tell the story from the viewpoint of both the a Union and the Rebel sides, and from various leaders. I was worried that I would get confused. But that didn’t happen.

The storytelling gave a human aspect to a well known battle – Gettysburg. You felt the anger, the pain, the anguish of these soldiers. The story was so well told that I found myself questioning who really won the Battle of Gettysburg as the fighting began.

I felt myself cheering on both sides and wanting each of these men to win. The battle itself was not told in great detail, but each officer was able to give their voice to what happened.

I highly recommend this book and give it five stars. I’m hoping to find the first and third books to be equally as engaging.

The saga continues

We have worked out a schedule of volunteers to bring dad meals and get him out of bed in the morning and into bed at night.

We have struggled with someone on Saturday mornings, but finally got that worked out. Tonight the two people who were scheduled to put him in bed didn’t show up. I physically can’t do it because I’m too short. I had him dressed for bed and there he sat in his chair waiting. I called my sister because I know that on Saturday nights she has friends over. So she brought one of the guys down to help.

This is precisely why we need him to move. Once he is in the nursing home, there will always be someone there to help him. I’m guessing he will change his mind about going in and private paying. Or at least I’m hoping he changes his mind.

Once again I spent my day off getting him breakfast, doing his laundry, washing his dishes, changing his sheets, cleaning his house. I left around 1:00 this afternoon, but was back by 6:00 pm. Not really enough time to clean my own house.

I’m still really thankful for the time I’ve been able to spend with dad though.

Oh, and watch for it. Dreams of a Love will be free for three days only beginning July 17. If you haven’t purchased it yet, that would be a great time to sample my poetry. Love: Lost and Found is available for downloads or paperback as well. Check it out. I’m getting good reviews.


Thanks for hanging in there with me. I promise I will get back to a consistent blogging schedule soon. But here is where things are today:

We are really pushing to move dad on July 22.

I feel like I have a toddler. Dad is rebelling against the loss of control and independence. Every day is a new battle with him. He knows though he has pushed about as far as he can. Tonight he started in on the realtor. Keep in mind that he chose her. I had nothing at all in that decision. So tonight he says he doesn’t think he likes her. There have been four separate showings in a week I said. He countered with “she didn’t show it four times”. Just a typical night.

But at least the end is in sight. I’ve been sleeping on the couch for four long weeks. I’m ready. Only 13 days. Not that I’m counting. But 13 days.

On a brighter note, my daughter called freaked out because Soren has a loose tooth. She says she isn’t ready to deal with that yet. Hahahaha! Grandma needs to send money for the Tooth Fairy to leave under his pillow.

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