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Home stretch

FINALLY! I never thought I would be so happy to say my dad is eligible for Medicaid.

It has been EIGHT long weeks. I haven’t had one single night in a bed in that time. I’ve been here 12 hours a day on weekdays and close to 18 hours a day on weekends.

It’s a circus here. Always someone coming and going. They are here to help but tired of people. Tired of activity. I just need to be left alone.

Lots has been happening. Let me give you the highlights.

I went to see dad’s room yesterday. He is scheduled to move in on Monday. He had requested a single room. As much as I can’t handle people around all the time, he’s ten times worse. My worst fear was there wouldn’t be any single rooms open. And there aren’t. He is in a double room. With a roommate. Telling him was sheer agony. He spiraled downward very quickly. He asked to be put in bed early. He didn’t sleep. I heard deep sighs from him all through the night.

The girl we pay to get him out of bed called at 6:30 this morning. She was sick and wouldn’t be here. Yikes. I called Warren to see if he could help but he was already out of town. I called another guy. He didn’t answer his phone. Finally called my sister. She isn’t supposed to lift but I needed to leave for work early. She was in bed. But I guess I’ve been doing this long enough that I don’t care. It’s her turn. I have a contingency plan for tomorrow if this girl is still sick.

So much more happening but I won’t bore you with it all now. Just moving ahead finally.

I’m tired. No, I’m exhausted. I’m worn out. But we are in the home stretch.

What the Dreck?

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Slush Pile

The Dreaded Slush Pile

Two popular terms among authors and readers make me cringe every time I see them—which is much too frequently. There are some very strong opinions about this subject, too.

  • dreck
  • slush pile

These terms generally refer to the ‘worst’ of the books, but this definition by itself creates some problems.

  • There is more than one way to define the word ‘worst.’ Do you mean editing, subject matter, sales rank, very short books, web content disguised as books, or something else entirely?
  • Thus, some authors take this the wrong way. “Are you talking about my book?”

Any one of these things, by itself, doesn’t necessarily make a book bad:

  • Maybe an author has a fantastic story, but on a low budget, chose not to invest in an editor without knowing if the book would sell. Given a choice, I’d rather have a great story that needs editing…

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Pamela Beckford:

Chance to win a DVD – share the news

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In case you haven’t heard, “Noah” is in stores today! 

The much talked about, somewhat controversial movie has finally been released and is available at a retail store near you.

Here is your chance to win a DVD/Blue Ray combo of your very own. Simply share this post to your favourite social media outlet and then drop a comment here  letting me know you did. A winner will be chosen at random in the following week and notified by email so the proper shipping address can be given.

US residents only (Sorry everyone else :( )

noah giveaway

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Pamela Beckford:

Awesome trailer for Legends of Windemere series by the way Charles Yallowitz. Have you read any of them yet? I have and they are really good fantasy books. Looking forward to The Compass Key.

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Pamela Beckford:

Here is a review of the second in the Reave series. It’s in my TBR stack so I’m sure I will have my own review soon

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Escaping is hard. Surviving is harder.

Aster has lived a life of servitude for ten years, but now she is determined to be free. Countless Reapers stand between her and the gate to New Bethel, and more await just past the walls. She’s spent her life being invisible, but in a world full of assassins, becoming close to any of them only makes you a target for the rest. Every step she takes puts her in more danger, closer to Reapers with unknown intentions. Unexpected friendships develop, but can she really trust any Reaper when they’ve all been trained to deceive? Aster and Chase know what awaits them outside the city, but can they get past it?

In Aster’s journey for freedom, she learns there are some things in life you can’t ever truly escape from, and that some steps can’t ever be taken back.

My Review:

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