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Thanksgiving Project – The great wind-down

It has been a crazy day – often I have wondered what I was thankful for today and what I would write about.  And, yet, I just can’t think of any one thing in particular.  Oh sure, I heard about some colleagues who lost their jobs and it made me thankful I have a job I love.  And yes, I am reminded that I will see my grandson tomorrow and I’m very thankful for that.  And, of course, my house is warm, my car runs fine and I had food on the table tonight.  So really I have many things to be thankful for.  Sometimes I wonder if we have so many things to be thankful for that we think we have nothing to be thankful for.  Did that make sense?

I think today though I am most thankful for the day to be winding down and my weekend beginning.  Just finished a project for work (remember, that job I love and am thankful for – even working late on Friday night) and dinner (sure it was a frozen pizza but I won’t be going to bed hungry). I will need my sleep tonight so that tomorrow I can have fun with the one person in this world that I am most thankful for (and his mommy).  

I never want to wish away my life or my days, but I am thankful that this one is over.Image


Thanksgiving Project – Hugs

Anyone who has known me for a long time will tell you that I am not a hugger. Growing up we never hugged in my family (still don’t). I remember when Andrea moved away. She and her friends started hugging hello and goodbye. And then *gasp* she would hug me when she came home. But I still wasn’t a hugger.

Somehow in the past couple of years I have been transformed. Several friends greet with hugs and say goodbye with hugs. I think that we humans really need that element of connecting and a physical touch.

So the one thing I’m thankful for today are hugs! You can never have too many. Hug a friend today (hug a stranger and they might call the cops though!)


Thanksgiving Project – Winning isn’t everything

Today I am thankful I don’t play the lottery. It’s fun to dream though. Fun to think about “what if”. Oh I’m sure I had already spent the $550 million – two or three times over. College for my nieces and my grandson. A house for my daughter. New cars for all the family. Making sure my dad was taken care of. Endowments set up for United Way. Philanthropic gifts to favorite organizations. And let’s not forget the travel. Finally I could see the world. Yep, we talked about all those things and more. And each time the dreams got bigger and more elaborate.

So, $2 for all those dreams seems pretty cheap – this one time.

I’m thankful for the ability to dream…and plan…and hope….even if nothing ever comes of it.



Only 47 days until I sail into the blue yonder!!!! I do love vacations. I especially love vacations that involve seeing lots of blue water. I haven’t always been a vacation girl. But a few years ago, I discovered how refreshing and renewing vacations could be. Vacations at home, while nice, are rarely relaxing and renewing. This cruise will be a little bit different. I’m going with three other women. I will probably be a wet blanket because I really do just enjoy doing NOTHING! And by nothing I mean, sitting and staring at blue ocean water, napping in the sun, reading. That’s it. I’m okay if I don’t talk to anyone.

Really, my real life is spent talking to people a lot. I need a vacation from everything. I promise the other ladies I won’t be an old curmudgeon. But I am looking forward to just nothing.

And my big bonus is that I get to see my friend, Vanessa, for the four days before the cruise. We laugh….a lot and we both need that

So today I am particularly thankful for the hope that 43 days goes quickly.


This is a biggie

Today I’m thankful for a job where I can continue to grow and develop. Sitting in a meeting today about Appreciative Inquiry and how the concept works with what we do every day. This will mean a lot as I continue to work with my board, my donors, my volunteers. I even see personal applications.

But I wasn’t so thankful about being away for two days sitting way more than I’m accustomed to sitting.

Trying to make the most of it though. Nice to slow down once in awhile and learn and have the chance to have new ideas turning around in my brain.

Happy Monday!

It is interesting to start every morning thinking about what I am thankful for at that moment. I thought of several things this morning – but since I was committed to chronicling my thanks, I discarded those ideas – wanted to keep looking for the one thing I was most thankful for today. What it seems to do is make me conscious of all the things I have to be thankful for – it truly helps with my daily attitude.

But today, I am most thankful for MONDAY! Yep, you heard me right. I don’t usually think of Monday as something to be thankful for. But this particular Monday comes after a long holiday weekend. I’m rested, refreshed and happy the sun is shining. So, bring it on Monday – I’m ready for you.

And guess what, nothing seems to be going wrong like a typical Monday – or maybe it is just that I am looking at it from a more positive direction.


My Thanksgiving Project


I kept seeing on Facebook friends posting different things every day they were thankful for in November. That got me to thinking – I’m thankful for lots of things too.  But it should be a given that I’m thankful to live in a free country, thankful for my family, thankful for my God and my faith. So, I decided to post something every day that I was thankful for – the little things. Unfortunately, as I tell people a lot, I have a lot of words just begging to get out. My posts have, therefore, been a little long. 

I decided that the best way to chronicle my thanks/blessings was to create a blog. I really don’t expect anyone to read it; although I will use links to my Facebook status. No idea what to expect. I am certainly not a writer – I am a talker. But nothing ventured, nothing gained. I do know that thinking about one small thing every morning has changed my attitude the past few days. So, here goes nothing. 

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