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Thanksgiving Project – Wine and Chocolate

You know the phrase, “wine and roses”? Well it is wine and chocolate to me.

And after the day I have had, plus this crazy cold windy weather, I need them both. Not necessarily in that order. I can have chocolate while I work. I’m pretty sure it would be frowned upon if I popped a cork in the middle of the office.

So, I’ve had some M&M’s (my first choice chocolate) to get me by until I can get home and have a glass of wine (dinner optional).

Maybe I should just stop and get a bottle of chocovine (the best of all worlds).

So today I’m thankful for chocolate to help me get through a tough day at work. And I’m thankful for wine in the evening to take the edge off.


Thanksgiving Project – “inside” jokes

I love to laugh. Not just a smile and little chuckle. No, I really love to laugh. Belly laughs. The kind where it just makes you feel good all over. I’m lucky to have several friends that can laugh with me…and sometimes even at me.

Last night I enjoyed one of those nights filled with giggles and laughs with friends. It just lightens my mood the next day.

But I think the best reason to laugh last night was this. You know that Carnival cruises is known for their cute towel menagerie that your steward leaves for you every night. Well, I was staying at a friend’s house last night. On my bed was a towel serpent. My host took the time to not only create this, but even added eyes and a forked tongue. And it had special meaning since my daughter has several snakes which I cringe over all the time.

That definitely provided me a belly laugh. I’m so thankful for friends like that who ‘get me’. I’m also thankful for the laughs.


Thanksgiving Project – No Numbers Please

I am sooooo thankful that I don’t have to spend a lot of time looking at numbers. I am definitely not an accountant. Numbers give me a headache. And I have spent most of today looking at spreadsheets full of numbers.

So I guess today it is okay to be thankful for what I’m not. Otherwise I would be a total failure and have a perpetual headache.


Thanksgiving Project – Music

Today I don’t feel particularly thankful. But I’m sure there has to be something…even a little thing…that I’m thankful for. Let me think a second.

I haven’t laughed today. Come to think of it, I’ve hardly talked to anyone today. Our phone at work did not ring even once (except when we called it to make sure the phones were working). It is especially dreary and gloomy today. Just a blah day I guess. In fact, the most colorful thing about today is the picture I put up with this blog.

But I’m really thankful for music today. Thanks to a friend, I found a great Spotify channel that is just perfect for a day like today – Music to Read By. Or, as I prefer to call it Music to Keep Me Awake without being Obnoxious and Loud.

Seriously, I do find that music soothes my soul (or the savage beast). It helps pass the day a bit. Of course, it would be better if the sun was shining (everything is better with sunshine).


Thanksgiving Project – Movies and Books

I love good movies. I would go to the theatre every day if I could. Somehow it is different at the theatre than watching a movie at home. If you know me, you know I never turn on the television. I rarely rent movies. But I go out to see movies every chance I get.

And I read books…lots of books. I just finished Private Berlin. It was good. And immediately started Bel Canto. Barnes & Noble had that one for $1.99. It had been on my wish list for quite awhile now. I’m really enjoying it. But my “to read” list just continues to grow.

Rarely does a movie meet my expectations if I have read the book though. In fact, if I have seen the movie and liked it, I know I will enjoy the book so much more. Yesterday, I went to see Anna Karenina. I read the book back when I was in high school (or maybe it was college). Either way, it has been quite a long time since I’ve read the book. I downloaded it last night so as soon as Bel Canto is finished, I can read it.

I am thankful that my parents encouraged me to read. And that I have such a love of reading today.


Thanksgiving Project – Errand Day

Today was errand day. I hate to shop. But today I needed to run errands that included a small bit of shopping. Stopped to spend some time with my dad. He isn’t much of a talker so the burden is more on me to keep the conversation going. Luckily I am a talker so it really isn’t a problem.

But then it was time to do a bit of shopping. Today I really was in the mood. Not sure why. Maybe because I didn’t feel pressure to get tons done. Anyway, I stopped at Vera Bradley to look t the new bag I’ve had my eye on. And I absolutely love the bag design. But, the magnet on the flap wasn’t very strong. The sales clerk and I checked them all. Not only were they all like that, but thy weren’t like that on any other style bags. So, I need to think about it a little bit.

But as I was leaving Jefferson Pointe, I was overcome with the urge to stop in several stores. I couldn’t then though since I was committed to meeting friends.

But I did get all my errands done. Thankfully I had a list. But today I am thankful for getting all my errands run in a non rushed day. I’m also thankful that I took a nap today. Of course, it was after I had been up for only an hour. But a nap is a nap. And this one was two hours. And I really didn’t sleep well last night so it was much needed.


Thanksgiving Project – Clean House

There is nothing like going home to a clean house, especially one that I didn’t have to clean.

Now, if you know me at all, you know that I’m pretty fanatical about a clean house. I get nervous when my house isn’t clean. And I spend a lot of time keeping it clean. But, it is hard when I work all week. And really, I like to clean my house – it makes me feel good. I always thought that if I really needed a job, I would clean houses because I really do like it. But not after working hard all week – I need some downtime.

I’ve been asking Warren for years now to get someone in to clean the house. He has always insisted that it is a waste of money – and I needed him to pay for half of getting it cleaned. Of course, he’s retired and doesn’t lift a finger to help me clean the house. But a few weeks ago when I wasn’t feeling well, I asked him to clean the bathroom. He came out later huffing and puffing and said “we need to have someone come in and clean”.

Well, I jumped on that instantly. I asked my facebook friends for recommendations and within less than a week, I had interviewed three people. Warren was pleased with the price (as was I). And yesterday, Angie started cleaning my house.

So, I got to go home from work to a clean house and it was WONDERFUL! Today, I’m thankful that my house is clean – but especially, that I didn’t have to take time to do it. Oh, but I will do the “special” things that only get done once in awhile. You know, the things you never have time to do. Well, now I will have the time to do them 🙂


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