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Thanksgiving Project – Reading Love

I have my adorable grandson for an entire week. I don’t really get to spend that much time with him since they live five hours away. I always worry a little bit that he will forget me.

Today when I got there to pick him up, he was screaming with excitement and running in circles. He was definitely glad to see his grandma. And his grandma was thrilled to see him too.

We have had fun tonight. He played his guitar and sang “here comes the sun, it’s alright” for me. I wish I had gotten that on video. Will have to try that later. He also played his harmonica. And drove his cars all over the living room floor.

But the thing that warmed my heart was how much he likes to be read to. I love reading and I am so grateful that my daughter is installing a love of books.

Two of my favorites – the world’s most adorable three year old and reading!


Thanksgiving Project – Privacy

I really think I lead a fairly boring, predictable life. Not anything that would make you want to call your friends and say “Wow, wait until you hear what Pamela did today!” Really. I’m just an ordinary girl who likes to laugh.

Well, it seems there really is someone out there who finds my life interesting enough to talk about. My life is pretty much an open book, but I still like some degree of privacy. I keep my Facebook page locked down.

Today I’m thankful that Facebook gives me that ability. Some days the things I’m thankful for can be pretty insignificant. But all these things are what make me a contented person.


Thanksgiving Project – Faithful Few

You know, I started this blog a few months ago. My intention was just to get into the habit of writing more. It was to make me more aware of all the little things we have every day to be thankful for. It was really just for me.

I have stayed faithful to writing every day. And, in case you haven’t noticed, I write just like I talk. Sometimes I go off on tangents. The good news about having it written in front of you though, is you can remember where you were originally headed. I get sidetracked. I talk all around something before getting to the point.

But I’m still writing. It has been a great exercise for me. I still would rather talk though. Admittedly, writing does help me collect my thoughts.

But today, I’m thankful for the few who actually read my blog. I have a couple of faithful readers. I never really expected anyone to care, but now when I see no one has visited my blog, it makes me sad.

So, thank you faithful few who read this. I hope it helps keep you centered on what YOU are thankful for today.


Thanksgiving Project – Calm before the storm

What a pretty day we are enjoying today. Of course, it isn’t very warm. But the sky is blue and the sun is shining….for now.

Sunday there was a winter storm watch for our area put out….for Tuesday. Really? So much cn change in two days. In fact, now they are saying the rain will happen overnight but the freeing rain and snow won’t happen until tomorrow afternoon and evening. Quite frankly, I just don’t believe them anymore. They cry wolf…a lot.

I’m okay with no snow and no ice. Just tired of the barrage of alerts that start way too soon.

Today, though, I’m thankful for the sunshine. It certainly boosts my attitude and outlook.


Thanksgiving Project – Consequences

Yesterday was all about choices and how I am thankful for so many things I could do to enjoy my time. Today is how those choices have changed today.

I opted yesterday to take a nap and go see a movie. Sidebar: I went to see Zero Dark Thirty. It was a really good movie and I’m glad I went. It seems I go see lots and lots of movies. Yet, I’ve only seen three of the Best Picture nominees this year. Tried reading Life of Pi and gave up on that and that turned me off of watching the movie. I still want to see Argo though. The others I’m not sure were even all available to watch locally.

Back to the topic: Anyway, because of the choices I made yesterday, I must spend today reading a book for work. I read a few pages last night and I think it will be a fairly easy read.

What I really had planned for today was some personal pleasure reading. I’m reading Guilt by Jonathan Kellerman right now and wanted to read it.

But my consequence from yesterday’s choices is that I need to stick with the book for work.

So, how does that make me thankful? Well, I’m thankful I still get to end my afternoon reading. I’m thankful that my reward will be watching the Oscars tonight. I’m thankful that once I finish this book, I can dig back in to my pleasure reading.

Back to reading and listening to some peaceful music.


Thanksgiving Project – This or That?

My eyes are still very heavy even though I felt like I slept fine last night. It is hard to catch up though. I really should be napping, but napping comes hard to me. Instead, I’m trying to read. And I will go see a movie after while.

What does all that have to do with what I’m thankful for today? Well, I’m really thankful that my life is full of choices.

I can choose (generally) what fun or relaxing activities to do on a daily basis. Some choices come with consequences but mostly it is whether to read a book or watch a movie or take a nap or visit with friends or go shopping or plan a vacation. Coincidentally, I think I will have done most of those just today.

I was reading and needed a diversion so I started looking at vacations. I have always wanted to visit Ireland. This may well be the year I actually do travel there. But that would mean making a choice between Ireland and a beach vacation or cruise. Unfortunately I don’t have unlimited vacation money.

Not all choices mean choosing good instead of bad. They are just different. But they can still alter my life in some way.

So, this or that….beach or lifelong dream of Ireland? Choices. It is easier to decide what to have for dinner or what book to read next.


Thanksgiving Project – I Got Nuthin’

I seriously can’t think of one positive thing tonight. You might want to quit reading right here. The rest just isn’t going to be pretty.

It’s been a long week…a crazy week. I’m tired. I’m irritable. I’m annoyed by just about everything. My tolerance level for complainers and whiners has fallen to a new low.

It is also one of the ugly by-products of menopause. That uncontrollable mood change. I hate it.

I really don’t want to be a whiner. So I’m just not going to say anything about anything today. Tomorrow will be a new day. Maybe the sun will come out of hiding and improve my outlook.

Maybe I can find two things tomorrow to be thankful for to make up for today.


Thanksgiving Project – Similar Interests

I am just plain tired tonight. Stayed up way too late last night and then got up way too early this morning. My eyes have felt like sandpaper all day.

But I’m heading out to hear Naomi Tutu at IPFW as part of the Omnibus Lecture Series. We are to lucky to have lectures like this in our area. But what I’m most thankful for is that I finally have a friend who enjoys going to things like that with me. In fact, we enjoy doing so many of the same things – travel, movies, theater, just laughing. I especially like the laughing. I’m blessed with great friends.

So we are heading out in a few minutes. I hope the weather holds off until we get home (I’m not terribly optimistic though).


Thanksgiving Project – Resourcefulness will prevail

Here I am – 55 years old and I have never had a passport. But I know that if I want to travel and see the world, I better get one. I told my dad I was applying for one and he asked where I was going! I told him nowhere…..yet.

Anyway, so the application is pretty straight forward…if you’ve not been married and divorced. My last divorce was twenty years ago this year. How am I supposed to remember details of something that 1) I have tried to block from my memory and 2) was that long ago????

I finally found a copy of the divorce decree so I have that date. But I also need to know when we got married. I found the marriage certificate and divorce certificate from our first disaster. Since I was young (maybe not that young) and stupid, I married this idiot twice. See why I have worked on blocking this memory? But I was able to figure out the date of our marriage .

So now all I’m missing is his birthdate and birthplace. No clue. I remember the month. But no clue on the day and year. I sure as heck have no clue wherehe was born. Hopefully his daughter can help me out so I don’t have to contact him *shudder*.

So today, I think I’m thankful for being resourceful enough to find out what I need. Or maybe what I’m really thankful for is that I got out of a toxic marriage – TWICE!


Thanksgiving Project – Tenacity

I started this blogging project back on Thanksgiving. I honestly didn’t think I would stick to it.

After all, I hate to journal and I hate to write. But I do have all these words stuck in my head. And, more importantly, I needed to get back to my positive optimistic self. I thought if I focused on the good things in life, the things I’m thankful for, I could do that. Even if it was forced. So, I forced myself for a couple of days. Well, a couple of days has turned into nearly 80 days now.

And the best news is I am not forcing anything. I look for things all day long to write about. Even better, other than when I was out of the country on vacation, I haven’t missed any days. And I look forward to writing every day. Some days it is later, like today, because I just haven’t had time. But I’m on a roll.

So today, I’m thankful for the tenacity I have to complete a challenge I made with myself. Now if I could translate that to working out and losing weight. Hahaha


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