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Thanksgiving Project – He is Risen

I know I said this little project of mine was going to be about finding the little things in everyday life to be thankful for – but without some of the big things, nothing matters.

Today is the holiest of holy days in my mind. Christmas is important. But Easter is the day that makes eternal life possible.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not a very good rule follower. That means I would never have survived in the Old Testament times. I’m saved by grace – God’s grace. It is my only chance at eternal life in heaven.

So today (and everyday) I’m thankful that God sent his only Son for the express purpose of taking on all my sins and dying on that cross. I’m thankful that He rose again for me. Christ is Risen indeed. HALLELUJAH!!!!!


Thanksgiving Project – Sunbathing

Everyone knows I just love the sun. I can’t think of anything today that made me happier than being outside in the sun.

I started out with my sweatshirt and sweatpants on…and flip flops of course. After sitting for a few minutes in the warm sun (although it was only 48 degrees), I changed into shorts and a tanktop. I figured a swim suit might be pushing it. I got the chaise lounge out and just laid there for about an hour listening to the Beach Boys (perfect summer music). Interestingly, my view included snow still laying by the fence line. Perhaps I need therapy for my obsession with the sunshine. But I’m pretty sure if the sun was out all winter, I wouldn’t need therapy at all. Hahaha!

But, alas, the clouds came in and covered up the sun. Without the sun, it really wasn’t that warm so I changed back to my sweats.

It just gave me a taste of the weather we will have as we get closer to summer. Then, the only places you will find me are out on the deck or by somebody’s pool.

Today, though, for a portion of the day, I was most thankful for the changing seasons…fin


Thanksgiving Project – Silly Friends

Shopping? I normally hate shopping. But the other day I took a small break in my day and had lunch with a good friend. Then we walked in the sun and did a little shopping. And were silly. It felt great to get outdoors. It felt great to spend time with a friend. Plus I found a couple of bargains.

Today I am thankful for friends I can be silly with – friends I can laugh with – friends I can just be myself with and have


Thanksgiving Project

Spring has been here for 8 full days now. Today was the first day I felt a tiny glimmer that it may actually arrive this year. The sun was gorgeous. The sky was blue. Still only 40 degrees, but just maybe it will start warming up.

I know that every day it is still acting like winter, it is one day closer to acting like spring – or maybe summer. So, even though it has been cold, I’m thankful we are inching closer to spring.


Thanksgiving Project – Wednesday’s Child….

The children’s poem says Wednesday’s child is full of woe. I say Wednesday’s child is happy and headed downhill.

I am not a huge fan of Tuesdays. It just doesn’t have anything special to offer.

Mondays are fine because it is a chance to begin again. Thursdays are great because the work week is nearly over. Fridays…well, we all love Fridays.

But Wednesdays are usually a good day because it is midpoint in the work week. It reminds us that Friday will be here soon. Hump Day is the day that reminds me that the rest of the week is downhill.

Today I’m thankful that Hump Day is even more than that. It is a short work week (we have Friday off). So this week, Thursday is like my Friday!


Thanksgiving Project – Have a Great Day for No Reason at all

Ever have one of those days that nothing spectacular happened, but you just feel great?

Today was like that. I got up early so I could get to work early. I knew it would be a busy morning and I would be out all afternoon at a meeting. And, it was. But my afternoon meeting was a good meeting. I felt energized and it seemed everything was firing ideas in my head.

Then tonight friends gathered for dinner, wine and laughs. I even decided to make the appetizer. For someone who doesn’t cook, I’ve been doing more. Actually, it isn’t that I don’t cook, but that I won’t cook unless someone appreciates it.

All in all, it has been a really good day – for no apparent reason. That makes today a great day!

I’m thankful for days like today. They don’t happen that often, but when they do, it just lifts my spirits and makes me feel good about life and about myself.


Thanksgiving Project – Spring Break

I remember as a kid how excited I was to be off for Spring Break. We would usually go to Florida….and that always meant Disney World.

Those days are long gone for me though. First, I don’t want to be on those crowded beaches with a bunch of kids. Second, I can’t afford to travel then when prices are jacked up. I prefer my vacations when it is quiet (and relatively cheap). That being said, this silly snowstorm that hit last night really makes me wish I was in Florida right now.

But how am I thankful, you ask? I’m thankful because I will still plan a vacation where it is warm. I will still have time with friends. But today I’m thankful that it makes for a relatively quiet week at work. I can get one things done that need to get done.

Go ahead, enjoy your week in Florida….I will be here to welcome you home. And soon, I will take a trip of my own…a quiet, relaxing, peaceful vacation.


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