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Rome Construction Project

Well, if I needed any convincing that I need to lose weight, I sure don’t anymore.

I’m not sure how I missed it, but I just saw one of the pictures posted on my daughter’s Facebook page. I’m really fat in the picture. I hate it. At first I tried justifying it that of course I look fat next to the double zero 6′ tall model. But it’s just me. I think I will look at that picture every time I’m tempted to stray. Ugh!

On a brighter note, here are a couple of pics of my grandson. Isn’t he adorable?




Just Sayin’

Why do some people – usually “good” friends – always have to be Debbie Downers? Or turn everything around to them?

Aren’t your good friends supposed to be the supportive ones?

Thanksgiving Project – Vacation – Yeah, Baby


Just a few short hours until my plane leaves…but I’m already on vacation. In fact, my mind was sunbathing on the beach. Too bad my body was still at work!

But if it could go south today, it did. Warren called at noon and said “I hate to do this to you, but”. That could only mean one thing…he wasn’t going to take me to the airport (which is 25 miles away).

Yep, he got a chance to drive to Pittsburgh and pick up a car for a local car dealership. What he failed to tell me was he was leaving at 4:00 this afternoon to do that. But he drove the 15 miles to my office to see me first. Well, actually, he drove to the Verizon store because he ran over his phone with the mower…and I happened to be in the same town.

But, the good news is I was able to see friends and have a glass of wine and spend the evening in the quiet house alone! I treasure my alone time. I’m with people all day long, and most evenings. So being home alone is a real treat.

I begged a ride from my secretary. Wasn’t sure what else to do. Everyone I know would be working.

Bottom line….I’m on vacation…next stop Tampa 🙂

The Peace In Forgiveness…

Most of us don’t have to worry about forgiveness for things this heinous…but forgiveness works the same way for the man who cut you off in traffic, the friend who made a comment that cut you to the core, the spouse who betrayed your trust. Try it…you’ll be glad you did

Seyi Sandra David


Glenda Otero 2

(Photo credit: Glenda Otero)


In Auschwitz  concentration camp in Poland, Eliza‘s eyes brimmed with tears as they took his wife away, that was the last time he saw her and his heart broke into a million pieces. His six children were taken to another part of the camp. The German officer glared at him with hatred, and pushed him roughly to the crammed dormitory housing hundreds of malnourished prisoners. Eliza knew the end has come, what could he do?


But his eldest son survived the holocaust…

Can his son forgive?

In Congo, Joseph ran wildly through the forest, the stomping sound that the feet of his pursuers made was like the sound of hell. They’d hacked his family to death, the only member of his family who escaped was his youngest daughter, and he feared for her life. He ran for dear life and miraculously, he escaped. Seven months…

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Passing of a Life

I learned rather indirectly that a former secretary and friend of mine died quite suddenly. It really set me back. She was only 48 years old and had no known health problems. She had two young adult sons who are now left to finish growing up without their biggest cheerleader.

This was a classic case of why boss/employee relationships should be kept at a professional level and not allowed to become too good of friends. I gave her her annual review. It was a good review, but it wasn’t a glowing review. I had pointed out a couple of areas for growth. Evidently she wasn’t happy about it because while I was out of the office the following week, she packed up, sent me a scathing email, sent a letter to my board president (he even asked to see the review and wondered how anyone could be unhappy with it) and left my office unstaffed. Talking to her was not an option since she wouldn’t talk to me at all. I, of course, was forced to move forward and get someone hired.

I ran into her a couple of years later and she was cordial and polite. But it was obvious to me that she just wished I would go away and leave her alone. That made me sad.

Now to hear she died has just left me feeling like it was all unresolved. Her son contacted me late last night to be sure I had heard the news. I was touched that he reached out to me.

Funeral arrangements haven’t been finalized yet. The earliest the viewing will be Wednesday. That is also the morning I leave for a long-anticipated vacation visiting a friend. I won’t really be able to say goodbye. But then, that may be the way she would want it.

So, goodbye Lisa. You offered so much to so many. I wish things had turned out differently for our relationship. Your family will miss you terribly. May you rest in peace. ❤


I love this in a sad, yet beautiful, way

readful things blog

While I still hear your breathing

and the beating of your heart

While I still reach out for you

at noises in the dark


I still wait for your return

long after you’ve been gone

I still turn down the volume

when it plays that special song


While summer rays of blazing gold

eventually simmer down to fall

I still hold these memories

and listen for your call


There is a separation

between  life and death

I still feel you here with me

in whispers and in breath


Some days feel the pain so recent

and tears come to my eyes

the lingering unanswered

the forever question why


I look up to the heavens

on rainy days like this

tears from immortal memories

recalling your final kiss



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Thanksgiving Project – Twinkle Toes

Nothing like a pedicure to start off the week on the right foot (bad pun, sorry). Relaxing though and now I’m reading to dig my toes into the white sandy beach in Florida. Tomorrow a manicure. Last week my hair was highlighted. Life is so good.

I won’t muddy this post with sad news, but I had a former secretary die quite suddenly on Sunday morning. I will create a separate post for that a bit later. Lots of thought swirling around in my head.


My Rome Construction Crew update

Okay, RCC, I have been really working on what and how much I eat. I still haven’t really tackled the exercise part yet.

First of all, I lose weight very slowly…steadily but slowly. Anyway, the first week I lost 2.2 pounds. I was pumped. And determined to keep going. The second week I lost 1.6 pounds (while at a convention for four days). Now, I’m really determined. Week three and I weighed in anxious to see how I’d done. It was only point 6.

I know, I know…that is still a loss. But I really like seeing an entire pound with the ounces. So now I’m going on vacation…but not a vacation from dieting. I’m staying with a friend. She knows what I’m doing.

I’ve already given her my grocery list so she would have things I could eat and stay on track. But I also know she will think I’m being unsociable if I’m not drinking with her.

So, what’s my plan? My plan (which works pretty good actually) is to drink wine that I don’t like. That way, I’m drinking with her, but taking itty bitty sips. I glass of wine can really last a long time that way. If you know me, you know I am a wine drinker. But I don’t like the really dry wines. So, I won’t ever want more than a glass a night. And the food I’m pretty sure I can handle.

Bottom line, is that the RCC has inspired me, motivated me and kept me on track. I’m doing this. Everybody says “you didn’t gain it overnight, don’t expect to lose it overnight”. But I do think it comes on faster and easier than it comes off, especially when you factor in my age.

But I’m going to beat it and WIN (or LOSE!)

Thanksgiving Project – Pre-vacation checklist

Yesterday was a gorgeous day here. It got up to the upper 60s finally and the sun was shining brightly. I even braved the breeze and took my new swimsuit out for a test run and laid on the chaise lounge for an hour. Certainly not as warm as I would have liked, but way better than it has been. In fact, the furnace is still on…and needs to be.

But I was only able to be out for that brief hour. I just had to get things cleaned up from the redecorating. It was driving me batty. So, I really worked hard at getting everything put away. Then I got distracted with packing. I’m only paying for a carry-on bag for an entire week. Sure swimsuits don’t take up much room, but I also need clothes for going out nearly every day. It is hard to put that much stuff into a carry on. (I succeeded by the way)

So, here was this sunny day and I was stuck inside doing chores. I woke up in the night to rain and again this morning so it couldn’t be delayed gratification. Oh well, I still have a few odds and ends to do to get things back in order. And a dreary cool morning was a perfect excuse to start a new book and read.

Today, I’m thankful for yesterday’s sun and the time I did get to sit out in it. And I’m thankful for a dreary day to lay around and read and get everything finished up before vacation in three days.

Blog Interview-Samantha Warren

Great author interview with the creator of The Iron Locket. If you haven’t gotten this book yet, you need to do that right now. It is a great book!

Accessories Not Included

And lastly, but definitely not leastly in my month of blog interviews, is Samantha Warren! She is the author of the newly released IRON LOCKET.

I love this stuff, don’t you? Fantasy is always fun. Throw a little mayhem in there and we have a party.

Now, a little bit about the author.

Samantha Warren is a fantasy and science fiction author who spends her days immersed in dragons, spaceships, and vampires. With her pet dragon, Anethesis, she ventured to the ends of the universe, but the cost of space travel cut into her sock fetish fund, so she sold her ship and returned home. When she isn’t writing, she’s milking cows or trying to feed them Pop-Tarts. She spends a lot of time in her weed patch (aka: garden), watching any show featuring Gordon Ramsay, or posting random things on her blog (

To the interview!


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