Not just a one day event, I'm blogging every day about what I'm thankful for

I just love listening to music. I will listen to just about any genre. I prefer smooth jazz vocals when I’m winding down or while I’m working. Classic rock when I seem to have energy. Country rarely, but some of the newer music is less twangy. Classical can be quiet and soothing or heart pounding when I’m cleaning. Opera can also be quite relaxing to me. I don’t listen to much pop music and never rap or heavy metal. But I do enjoy some R&B.

I have tens of thousands of songs in iTunes. But I love Spotify because it gives me a chance to discover new music and artists. My friends who use Spotify often post what they are listening to on Facebook and I have found new music that way. Plus it only costs me the price of about one CD’s worth of music a month.

It is rare for me to not have music playing. I used to get involved more but now I content myself to listen. My first love is vocals (in fact I had a brief period as a vocal major in college until I got practical). My keyboard is getting dusty. My flute hasn’t been out of its case in more months than I care to admit. Every time I think about selling either of those, I think maybe some day I will find more time to play.

So playing music satisfies my need to keep music in my life. Today I’m thankful for the music that is readily available to supplement my extensive iTunes collection. Tonight I’m listening to the newest Sarah Brightman.



Comments on: "Thanksgiving Project – Musical Options" (3)

  1. love the quote!! And it’s so true

  2. Yesss.. Music is definitely awesome! And every genre has to be played at the right time. šŸ™‚

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