Not just a one day event, I'm blogging every day about what I'm thankful for

It has been an unusual month weather wise here. This weekend it turned cool again, leaving the question in so many people’s minds of where was summer. Only about 59 degrees today, and raining.

I am enjoying the quiet inside right now. Soren is out in the barn with Warren and it has been raining too hard to get back to the house.

Well, I spoke too soon. They made it back. Now Warren is working with him on riding his bike. Soren just can’t get the hang of pedaling. He will go a few feet, then he brakes. Not intentionally, but it still happens. His mom has been working with him and she told me she just didn’t think he would ever figure it out. So, that is our mission this week

We have been spending time with family today. It was my niece’s graduation open house. My day’s brother drove over from Toledo. It was nice to see him. And then we went to see my oldest living uncle (my mom’s brother). His daughter, my cousin Jenny, is here visiting from Las Vegas. I love that I’m able to stay in touch with my rather large family through Facebook.

Okay, now back to some quiet time. I fell asleep reading last night. I think I read one whole page. So enough writing, time for some reading while I can. I’ve really missed my reading time this weekend.

So, what am most thankful for today? Hard to narrow it down. But I think one word sums it all up – family! It for sure isn’t the weather. I think that this rain will bring out the already large population of Mosquitos. Luckily they don’t seem to be attracted to me, but I know they are bothersome to lots of other people. April showers didn’t bring the may flowers so much. But I’m sure that the may showers will bring out the bugs in June.

Comments on: "Thanksgiving Project – May Showers bring June Bugs?" (7)

  1. So on my forehead there is a scar. I was a bit like Soren when learning to ride a bike. Was at the local post office with my mom and sister who were teaching me, well I wasn’t good at the breaking thing. Hard break, over the handlebars where my head was introduced to the curb. But guess what? I still ride my bike today! (That isn’t to scare you btw, just brought up a memory… remember to wear helmets!)

  2. I bet you by the end of the week he will riding around like a crazy man!! I always enjoy reading your posts, Pamela. They remind me to be thankful in all things!! xoxo

  3. Toledo? My ex-hub’s family is from there and my older son was born there!

    just wait, your little Daredevil will be zipping around on his bike in no time – zoom zoom zoom!

  4. My youngest son never did like riding a bike. We asked him what he’d do when all his friends were out riding and he said he’d just wave when they went by. He’s almost 14 now and he never did really learn to ride a bike – never caved to peer pressure yet either, so at least there’s something positive to come out of it!

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