Not just a one day event, I'm blogging every day about what I'm thankful for

You may remember that my daughter is a fashion designer.

My mother owned a fabric store, did a bajillion alterations and bemoaned the fact that neither of her daughters sewed one bit.

The two things that will create the most tension between my shoulders are knitting and sewing. I love to crochet (but who has time?) and hand embroidery. But knitting and I never ever got along. And sewing, well, sewing was for my mom…and my daughter.

If I needed something hemmed (and when you are only 5′ tall, everything needs to be hemmed), I would take it to my mom. But mom died about 15 months ago. Things have been piling up. I would rather buy something new than sew on a button.

And to complicate things, my daughter was in desperate need of a sewing machine while hers was being repaired so she borrowed mine. I got back the machine…but no foot control or power cord. She swore she didn’t have it. I knew she did.

And then I honestly forgot about it.

While she was moving last week, guess what she found???? Yep, the cord for my machine. Just in time too. I was wearing a tiered dress last week that came unstitched…right over my backside. I got through the day, but didn’t know how I was going to get my dressed repaired.

I’m happy to report that I, not only remembered how to thread my machine, but I fixed my dress. ALL BY MYSELF!!!! Shhhh, don’t tell my mom though πŸ™‚

I’m thankful today that I could actually take care of something so minor – but important alone! Yay ME!!!!

Comments on: "Thanksgiving Project – Yes, I Can (if forced)" (9)

  1. It’s the small victories that make us smile the most sometimes. Congrats.

  2. Any victory is a worthy victory:)

  3. I bow to you prowess, Pamela. I can’t even sew a stupid button on right! I can chart a course through the Gulf of Mexico with just a compass and a chart, but sew a button – never! πŸ™‚

  4. Good for you! I can sew a button but that’s it! Even better that it’s something that brings you closer, per say, to your mom. πŸ™‚

  5. I’m glad you found something you lost, Pamela.

  6. Yay! Good for you dear friend!

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