Not just a one day event, I'm blogging every day about what I'm thankful for

Last year the garden suffered…a lot. We have a huge strawberry patch. Last year the birds ate the green berries and the deer ate all the leaves. It was sad. Plus we didn’t get a single strawberry.

This year though, we have a bumper crop. I’ve never seen so many sweet strawberries. Warren picks huge containers every night. My kitchen smells like strawberries. My friends and family have taken loads.

Remember I don’t cook. So, I just want to eat them plain. A girlfriend made a pie for Warren. I’m not a pie lover, but I had a bite and it was delicious! We have given away so many already. I just hope we get this many berries next year.

Today I’m thankful for all those delicious, flavorful, sweet strawberries. Indiana berries (and cantaloupe) are the very best for flavor.

Comments on: "Thanksgiving Project – Very Berry" (3)

  1. Sue Nunemaker said:

    If you need to get rid of any more berries, let me know! Sue

  2. I love strawberries. They are totally my favorite fruit! Can you put up some strawberry pics here? They make my mouth water! 😀

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