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Do you like me?

What is it about our need for affirmation, acceptance, approval? I started this blog just to focus myself and be more positive.

Yet, once I started getting followers and likes and comments, that seems to be what drives me now. I hear the same thing from other people too. We all seem to be seeking external approval.

I’m not saying it is bad…or good. I’m just observing that it is always there.

I find myself writing with that in mind more than just the free flow of thoughts.

I think that maybe this just shows, in a small way, that we are not created to be solitary beings. We are better people when we are interacting. It shouldn’t change our true selves. But other people should enhance us. Two is better than one. Wasn’t there a song like that?


Comments on: "Do you like me?" (5)

  1. That’s true. I was encouraged to blog by my friends. At first, it was just myself and my friends interacting. I was even surprised ( and flabbergasted ) that other people had been reading my posts.

  2. Yup, when I rebooted my blog, I told myself I wouldn’t care if I had any followers or comments. I just wanted to write. Now, of course, I check my site stats every day 🙂 Every new follower, every Like, every comment gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling that is addictive. I’ve realized that my writing is a sharing, meant to be done within a community.

  3. The need for approval is innate. No matter what, we need it and want it. That’s not a bad thing. And yes, I like you. 🙂

  4. I think we all fall into that trap. I do think you are right that we were created to interact with each other. It’s what makes the WP so nice 🙂

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