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It feels sooooo good

I love every precious minute I get to spend with my grandson. But I also love when he goes home. I have my own routine…things I want to do…(adult) books to read…(guilt free) foods I want to eat.

I love my dull, boring routine. I missed my friends. I really missed my books. And don’t even get me started on the food. Soren is a vegan. That means that no matter where I go, I have to take food for him. And I feel guilty for eating meat in front of him. And certainly don’t dare eat ice cream unless I have something for him.

Then, I got the text (after I sent his mom a pic of him “driving” the pontoon) that said, “I hate to nag, but I sent his life vest.” Last time when we were trying to help teach him to ride his little bike in the garage, I got a text that said, “Mom, he has to wear his bike helmet!” Then when she saw the almond milk I bought for him, it was “I really hate to nag, but you need to buy organic almond milk”.

Needless to say, I just about bit my tongue in half. I try so hard to accommodate her lifestyle. First of all, she lives in Cleveland where she has lots of options. I live in a small town where the grocery store next to me doesn’t even carry half the things that Iwant, let alone a vegan selection. Secondly, I’m doing the best I can. Thirdly, since it isn’t the way we live, it is extremely difficult.

To her credit, she is always nice about it. And she knows I’m trying. But, really? She never was in a car seat (well, not in one that was belted in), she never owned a bike helmet, and I never poisoned her with non-organic food. I know, I know. All those things make it safer for children. I get that. But I think that sometimes we get carried away.

See, I told you not to get me started on the food. Back to my dull, boring life. I’m so glad that I will finally get to read again…if I can just stay awake…ZZzzzzzzzz


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  1. Ohhhh…Vegan is a hard lifestyle to accommodate…especially for a young child. And not to be rude towards your daughter, but isn’t he young to be a Vegan…did he choose to be Vegan or does the whole household eat that way? What about the extra vitamins and minerals he needs since he’s growing. I agree with what you said about not owning a bike helmet and not poisoning with non-organic food. I think you are doing a great job at keeping him Vegan..not an easy task!! xoxo

    • Her choice…not his. And his dad isn’t a vegan I don’t think, but he doesn’t see him more than once a week. She was a vegetarian when she was about 13. Then a full blown vegan by 16. I have a little experience with it, but it is still difficult. Oh yes, he gets all the vitamins he needs. They are probably way more healthy than me, but…

  2. Oh, boy, it’s not like you were trying to shove meat down his throat ;). All you can do is take her “nagging” in stride and be careful choosing what photos to send her.

    • I think I just shouldn’t send any since the life vest on a pontoon with a water safety instructor/lifeguard never occurred to me. And I can’t swim and don’t think of a life vest for myself in that situation. Live and learn.

  3. You are strong to bite your tongue and not say what you really feel. I hope she appreciates that. I remember my father wanting to give my 7 month old son shell fish, bacon and gum – and my dad got mad at me when I said no. It’s a tricky/sticky situation to be in and awkward for all. Get some rest!

    • It’s hard for a grandma. I can’t spoil him with treats. I remember how proud I was for finding vegan ‘ice cream’ sandwiches. It was last summer and it was over 90 degrees every day he was here. I gave him one of those tiny things every day when we had ice cream. She had a fit. Sigh

  4. I say this every night when the kids go to bed. Sometimes I just sit there staring off into space in a mum time daze and that is my excuse for not reading. I really want to. I do. I just can’t seem to.

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