Not just a one day event, I'm blogging every day about what I'm thankful for

I saw the cutest thing on my drive home from work tonight. I thought it was kittens. When I got closer (with no camera close at hand), it was a momma skunk and three babies. I really didn’t stick around to see where they were headed.

I remember one morning a few years ago when we were out working in the yard, we were joined by a teenage skunk. How do I know he was a teenager? I don’t. But he (or maybe she) wasn’t full grown, but wasn’t a baby.

The little guy waddled toward the road. Then a car would drive by and he would turn and run back towards the woods. We watched him repeat this process for over an hour. I didn’t want him o get hit on the road, but I didn’t want to scare him by chasing him towards the woods either. It was fun watching him though.

I’ve never seen another skunk up close since…until today. They were soooo cute. Now if they just didn’t smell so nasty.

I’m thankful for the country wildlife we see on a regular basis. In fact, last year we had a coyote living in a den at the edge of our property. That I could do without. They kill any cats I have tried to have here. Two weeks ago while I was mowing, I startled a very young fawn. I worried it was headed toward the road, but was able to chase it towards the woods. The groundhogs I could do without, but the coyote took care of that for us last year.

Now, why don’t I ever seem to have a camera????


Comments on: "Thanksgiving Project – Cute as a…Skunk?" (19)

  1. Skunks are adorable as long as you don’t get sprayed, but that goes without saying.

  2. I understand completely the why do I never have the camera. i can always take photos from my phone, but by the time I have the phone out, the app loaded and the camera ready whatever shot would have been worthy has already left the country. Skunks are cute. Unless you get too close to the business end of them.

  3. I just keep thinking of Peppy Le Pew, lol. Getting pictures of animals and such is annoying, like Ionia I often have my phone out but they move so darn fast, lol. Of course recently it’s just been birds so…. dunno if I want to run across a skunk while on my walks, lol.

  4. You must go to my friend Debra’s blog Breathe Lighter and look up the story about the skunk that made a nest under her house. I was cringing and crying from laughter at the same time.

    I was always partial to Pepe le Pew in the cartoons. šŸ™‚

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