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Missing You

I have made some WP friends. But then when they leave or aren’t around as much, I get sad. That is the problem with online friends. So, if you aren’t been around much lately, know YOU ARE MISSED!!!! Yes, YOU!!!!!



Comments on: "Missing You" (12)

  1. Not me I’m still here. 🙂

  2. I know what you mean Pamela. I am just hoping they’re away for summer and will be back later.

  3. You are so sweet! I understand what you mean – I also know that I am someone who fades – it is not intentional. I keep thinking I can get caught up and then, boom, something else happens. please know I am around and I do believe others are, as well. Life gets in the way, but then again, if we did not have lives, we would have nothing interesting to write about:)

  4. My dear Pamela, I’m ever present and I do love you so much! Life’s been a muddle of chores, screaming kids, demanding hubby (glad he won’t see this!) office demands (my editor is breathing down my neck, my new book is late for edits again!) and hospital visits – my sis is still on admission (for the open heart op she had last Wednesday!). Whatever the case,I’m glad to be your friend!!
    Much love, always. 🙂

  5. I’m still here, too. 🙂 I hope your week has started well, Pamela.

  6. I am back! 😉
    Never stay away long, I would miss you guys too much! 🙂
    Hugz to you

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