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Thanksgiving Project – Cute as a…Skunk?

I saw the cutest thing on my drive home from work tonight. I thought it was kittens. When I got closer (with no camera close at hand), it was a momma skunk and three babies. I really didn’t stick around to see where they were headed.

I remember one morning a few years ago when we were out working in the yard, we were joined by a teenage skunk. How do I know he was a teenager? I don’t. But he (or maybe she) wasn’t full grown, but wasn’t a baby.

The little guy waddled toward the road. Then a car would drive by and he would turn and run back towards the woods. We watched him repeat this process for over an hour. I didn’t want him o get hit on the road, but I didn’t want to scare him by chasing him towards the woods either. It was fun watching him though.

I’ve never seen another skunk up close since…until today. They were soooo cute. Now if they just didn’t smell so nasty.

I’m thankful for the country wildlife we see on a regular basis. In fact, last year we had a coyote living in a den at the edge of our property. That I could do without. They kill any cats I have tried to have here. Two weeks ago while I was mowing, I startled a very young fawn. I worried it was headed toward the road, but was able to chase it towards the woods. The groundhogs I could do without, but the coyote took care of that for us last year.

Now, why don’t I ever seem to have a camera????


Thanksgiving Project – What Price for a Bargain?

I love a bargain! I got this 30 cents off a gallon for gas the other day. With gas so high here in Indiana, it was definitely welcomed.

So tonight I went out to use my coupon. I needed a Speedy Rewards card to use it. I don’t have one. Now what? Well, Warren had one. Problem solved. He went inside with their Speedy Rewards card and my coupon. But he came back out and said it wasn’t going to work. Sigh, I guess I have to do everything.

I went in, and sure enough they needed to know how much gas I was going to get…before I actually pumped it. They sure don’t make it easy to save money, do they?

Well, I told her, since the coupon will only allow me to get 15 gallons, let’s just say 15 gallons. I knew I was on fumes and I have an 18 gallon tank so I thought I was safe.

Their process stinks and the sales clerk (who I’m sure is not paid to think) wasn’t terribly friendly. But I still saved 30 cents a gallon for my gas. That made me happy.

Today I’m happy that I’m willing to jump through hoops to get a bargain!

UPDATE on my Optimists Club talk this morning

I crawled out of bed and my eyes were having trouble focusing. But I made it. It was a great morning. My talk was good and they had great questions. I joked about needing my caffeine before I would start to make sense. I’m glad I did it…I just wish it had started later in the day.

I’m really tired tonight…but I’m still up and it is getting close to the bewitching hour so it’s no wonder I’m really tired. No alarm in the morning for me. Yay!

Random Thoughts and Rants

I’m not feeling just overwhelmed with thankful thoughts right now…but I vaguely remember something from earlier today so I will put up a Thanksgiving Project post in a little bit. But first…

I had a very long day. Just got home (16 hours after I left this morning). It wasn’t all work. No, I got to have fun tonight doing my favorite thing (well, next to cooking). Insert sarcasm here in case you didn’t catch that.

I went grocery shopping. We were out of a absolutely everything. Granted, I don’t cook much. But these days I haven’t been able to do much since I was out of everything. There are only two of us…and remember, I don’t cook. So how does a grocery cart get to $170?????

First of all, groceries have gotten so expensive. I bought one pork tenderloin, but no other meat. No milk, hardly any junk food. And most of what I got was on sale. But the Shower Scrub refill, laundry detergent, dishwasher detergent, trash bags and Kleenex added up to over $50. Ouch!

Oh, and those boxes of Kleenex I was told we needed? Well, let me tell you, I found five, yes FIVE cubes of Kleenex lurking in the closet where they have always been. Good thing they don’t spoil.

I stopped in the bathroom while I was there. I swear, bathroom architects or designers or whoever builds them, are insane. Why would a door open in to the stall? And then there isn’t enough room between the toilet and the door without knocking you down. Handicapped stall doors open outward so I know it is possible. And I know that space is a premium, but do they have to be such small stalls that my semi-clean clothes are forced to practically be in the toilet bowl just trying to close the door?

I know that was just a random rant. Sorry. It just annoys me…a lot.

So, I’m home from the store. Of course, somebody has to put it all away. That takes as much time as buying groceries. No wonder it is just easier to pick up a pizza every night.

Enough about shopping and bathroom facilities. I did buy really awesome red, white and blue guitar shaped novelty sunglasses to wear to a July 4 party I’m going to. I’m sure I will have a picture to share after the party.

Thanksgiving Project – What Time????

I’ve been putting off a couple of major projects at work. They both involve numbers. I hate numbers.

But, the good news is, I’ve gotten a lot of other things done. The bad news is these have deadlines of June 30. I think my days of putting off the things I don’t want to do are over.

Tomorrow for sure.

I have to speak at the Optimists Club in the morning…6:45 in the morning. That means leaving home at 6:15. Who meets at 6:45? And how will I be optimistic at that hour? I’m not even sure I will be awake. LOL. All for a fifteen minute talk. Back to the office before 7:30.

But that gives me extra time in the morning without interruption to get one of them done. After all, the phone won’t be ringing and I won’t be getting emails…because nobody in their right mind will be up yet!!!!

But this is a blog about things I’m thankful for and I digress.

Today I’m thankful I don’t have to go to work that early every day. But I’m also glad to get some odds and ends finished on some things. Now, to tackle those two big projects.

Too cute not to share

This is exactly how I feel tonight too…and I really wanted to read.
Sleepy Babies

It feels sooooo good

I love every precious minute I get to spend with my grandson. But I also love when he goes home. I have my own routine…things I want to do…(adult) books to read…(guilt free) foods I want to eat.

I love my dull, boring routine. I missed my friends. I really missed my books. And don’t even get me started on the food. Soren is a vegan. That means that no matter where I go, I have to take food for him. And I feel guilty for eating meat in front of him. And certainly don’t dare eat ice cream unless I have something for him.

Then, I got the text (after I sent his mom a pic of him “driving” the pontoon) that said, “I hate to nag, but I sent his life vest.” Last time when we were trying to help teach him to ride his little bike in the garage, I got a text that said, “Mom, he has to wear his bike helmet!” Then when she saw the almond milk I bought for him, it was “I really hate to nag, but you need to buy organic almond milk”.

Needless to say, I just about bit my tongue in half. I try so hard to accommodate her lifestyle. First of all, she lives in Cleveland where she has lots of options. I live in a small town where the grocery store next to me doesn’t even carry half the things that Iwant, let alone a vegan selection. Secondly, I’m doing the best I can. Thirdly, since it isn’t the way we live, it is extremely difficult.

To her credit, she is always nice about it. And she knows I’m trying. But, really? She never was in a car seat (well, not in one that was belted in), she never owned a bike helmet, and I never poisoned her with non-organic food. I know, I know. All those things make it safer for children. I get that. But I think that sometimes we get carried away.

See, I told you not to get me started on the food. Back to my dull, boring life. I’m so glad that I will finally get to read again…if I can just stay awake…ZZzzzzzzzz

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