Not just a one day event, I'm blogging every day about what I'm thankful for

This is a huge thing I’m thankful for today. I just hope I’m not jinxing it by putting up this post.

We haven’t had a single drop of rain all day!!!! That’s a first in quite a few days.

I was able to sit outside on the deck. Not sunny, but it was DRY! Well, it was humid, but no rain!

A girlfriend came over and we sat outside and just talked for about three hours. It was wonderful. Now, I’m trying to talk Warren into going into a tiny town nearby for fireworks. They are ending their festival with fireworks. It’s the same tiny town that had a building collapse on the Main Street just moments after the parade.

It’s cloudy and there is thunder off to the east. But I think we are going to miss this one! I’m so happy to have a rain-free day.


Comments on: "Thanksgiving Project – Dry Day" (17)

  1. This sounds like you live in a southern area…it’s the winter, wet season, whatever in Costa….and here I am in Wash State. You may be a goddess, but I doubt the weather is following you around trying to disrupt your day, dear…are you getting delusional? Burning buildings…main street…did your legistlature recently mistakenly approve some bill to ban rain? Nicaragua…you live in Nicaragua…and you don’t come visit. I’m done.

    • Ha. I wish I was in a southern area. But unless Indiana moved and forgot to tell me, I’m still north of where I want to be.

      • Oh, yeah…we covered this before. I’m just slow, or fast, or something. I like Indiana…almost as weird as Ohio, with their county by county acceptance of DST, and putting the capital in the middle ofthe state instead of near a seaport or river…and, the birthplace of K. Vonnegut, and the burial place of J. Dillinger…some people have all the luck.

      • Oh yeah, that’s me, the lucky one!

      • Well, you don’t have to brag about it…I’ve already heard it from that guy that hangs out in the smoking park in front of O’Hare. I bought a cig, a map to the movie star’s homes, and he told me he knew who the lucky one was, and offered me that info for $2…I told him I already knew her. Thanks ! You’re too fun !

  2. You know, this afternoon when I went for my walk it was pretty hot but now it seems like it might rain. I blame this on washing my car the other week. It’s good though, we need the rain in Utah. So I guess I should wash my car more often, lol.

  3. wow, have you considered moving out our way? It’s usually sunny and cloudy days are rare…

  4. We are in the midst of a rain-free day, too. 🙂

  5. Yeah to rain-free days! We’ve been having lots of rain down here! And it looks like we are about to get some more!

  6. cute – yeppers – just now getting to this post – 2 days after the fact! pooter still sick and I am trying to multitask at work – yikes:) The weather is a pain – did you get any of the rain storms we received yesterday?

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