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Today was my first day reading to the Kindergarten Countdown class. I was a bit nervous about it. Not because I can’t read. But 20 kids is a lot different than reading to my ONE grandson.

No clue ahead of time what today’s book was going to be. I got there and it was Jolly Olly Octopus. It’s a very fun book with great illustrations and a great cadence. We had a million interruptions. Twenty kids times 50,000 interruptions each. Okay, that might be a slight exaggeration.

Really, the kids were great. And cute. They all had stories so I had to keep pulling back to the book. We are giving them one free book each day of the program (20 days). Their “homework” was to take the book home and have someone read it with them. Then they bring it back the next day and put it in their special book box (portable file box) that they are decorating with the stickers they get for doing their homework.

I’m so glad I am doing this. I just hope in a small way I can help inspire children to read. Maybe I can find out which book I’m reading before next week now.


Comments on: "Thanksgiving Project – Kindergarten Reading" (21)

  1. That’s a great program. I should see if there’s something like that in my area.

  2. How kind of you! My mom is a staple at my daughter’s elementary school. Everyone calls her “mom-mom” and she even gets a party from the school every year. I know kids will remember her for years to come. What a great legacy.

  3. What? All those little kiddies make you nervous? Any crowd creeps me out…

  4. Awe. I love you for this. I could not imagine my thick accented reading doing the children much good unless I was there for comic relief:)

  5. How wonderful this is. Some if my favorite memories are going to my sons’ classrooms and reading. I loved it. I still have all of their books;)

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