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He does exist!

Well, there you have it – undeniable PROOF!

Kerry's Organized Chaos

Help from above, a greater power, a higher being, the big man upstairs…

Call it what you want.  It’s one of the big unknowns about life.

Is there something else we are working towards?  Is there a larger force guiding us and supporting us?  Is this all there is?  Basically…. Does God exist?

Well question no more ladies and gentlemen.  I have proof to end all the debates and give you peace of mind, body, and soul.

photo copy 6

Apparently, God do exist and he’s about to join Twitter.



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Comments on: "He does exist!" (5)

  1. Of course He exists!

  2. Thanks for the reblog Pamela!

  3. Yeah, but how followers does He have?

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