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I think this will be the last post about this. Not necessarily because I am satisfied though. But I’m tired of it

I got my email response 21 hours after my email to them. I’m still waiting on a phone call from a week ago though. It was obvious from their email that they don’t understand my frustration. The instructions were to give them the order numbers (they have access to my account, aren’t they smart enough to figure this out themselves? Especially since I gave order numbers which were documented when I tried calling) and they would reverse my orders. Then I could re-order those books.

My reply email told them I could afford the 21 cents on my debit card, but I just wanted them to fix this. And I was still waiting on that supervisor return phone call. I also told them their customer service has some giant problems.

But I wanted to use up my gift card and downloaded a book yesterday…and it went through the correct way.

I’m still very disappointed with BN.


Comments on: "Nook Annoyance – Part 3" (4)

  1. Glad to hear you got some closer and it’s working right.

  2. Wow, what a joke. in these scenarios I have found it best to turn an walk away. Just drop the whole situation and leave it. After closing the account first if possible. As I said before, customer service is no longer a priority in American companies today. All that matters is the money and how to keep as much as possible at any cost. Yay for capitalism right? As I have aged, I have questioned the capitalist system we use here. It is powered by greed. Well guess what corporate America – when you leave this life, not one red cent will be going with you. So then, what real value does money actually have? 😉

  3. I like the “Nook Annoyance” title. I’m imagining they named it the Nook to bring up the idea of a breakfast nook, some place where a person gets their calm morning wake-up of coffee, favorite reading material, family interaction, sunshine through windows, a few plants. I’m so low-tech I couldn’t even be classified as Neanderthal, more like quadripedal…and credit arguments – like Oscar Wilde said, “Avoid arguments, they’re always vulgar, and often convincing.”

  4. Grrrrr!!! Sorry you are having Nook problems! As much as you like to read that has to be frustrating!! Hope it gets completely worked out.

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