Not just a one day event, I'm blogging every day about what I'm thankful for

Today was my day to read to the Kindergarten Countdown class. I started by asking them what they learned today. Of course they were all trying to tell me at the same time. So cute. Anyway, our book today was My Farm Friends. It was pretty good timing since the 4H Fair is going on this week.

So we read about cows, sheep, roosters, chickens, horses and cats. When I asked what animals they had seen at the Fair, one little boy told me he saw bunnies. Another said cows. For some reason when I asked about pigs, they all said no. But then a little boy piped up with “I saw kangaroos!” When I asked if he saw them at the Fair, he adamantly said YES! I told him I’m glad he could recognize a kangaroo, but I was pretty sure there weren’t any at the Fair.

I just love my few minutes with these kids. They are so much fun. I think I’m going to see if I can continue once the school year starts.

Oh, and the best part today? The kids were sitting on the floor in a circle when I came in and one little girl looked up at me and said “I think your dress s beautiful. And your high heels.”

She was obviously in awe of being in the presence of a Queen. LOL!

Seriously, she was adorable.

I’m thankful for this opportunity. They are a bright spot in my otherwise crazy day.


Comments on: "Thanksgiving Project – Cows and Chickens and Kangaroos???" (12)

  1. Well, I agree on all accounts. You are beautiful and you are the queen. Also children have a way of making the mundane seem magical, no?

  2. They sound adorable. Must just make your day. Love the kangaroo reference. I wonder what he saw that made him think of that!
    Once I had a student try to tell with me that he saw a platypus in his yard that morning. When I suggested it might have been something different because we don’t have platypuses in Canada, he was adamant. I got him to look it up on the internet. He was still adamant.

  3. My granddaughter says, “Grandmother, I just love you.” That makes my world. Sometimes she will say, “I just love your bracelet,” or “I just love your hair,” or “I just love your rice,” or “I just love your glasses.” It really doesn’t matter what she is loving, but the things she is associating with me are interesting observations on our relationship. Your kids just love you, and your shoes 🙂 They will always cherish their memories of you.

    • They are adorable kids too. Of course if I was around them all the time, I might not think so. But a few minutes once a week, I can handle 😉

      Plus I really hope that in one small way, I can help instill a love of reading in them.

  4. Queen Pamela – there are kangaroos in your kingdom. There are, there are, there are – next to the Hoosiers!!

  5. Nothing like little ones to brighten up a day! I miss this age so much.

  6. This made me smile, Your Highness.

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