Not just a one day event, I'm blogging every day about what I'm thankful for

The five days after Sunday are the longest and hardest. Old joke I know. But this has been a really long hard week for me at work. I love my job, and this should be my slow time. That sure hasn’t worked out lately though.

But today I’m thankful for lots of things. I’m thankful that I had dinner with one of my favorite people, Shelby. She is a wonderful young lady who was my secretary for about 2 years. We try and stay in touch and I’ve missed her lately.

I’m also thankful that even though my days have been really crazy, they have been productive. I love crossing things off my to do list. Of course, for every two things I cross off my list, I seem to add seven more. But I’m thankful to have a job I love and that I’m really good at.

But I’m also thankful that tomorrow is Friday. I need this week to be done so I can rest and recover and get ready for another week.


Comments on: "Thanksgiving Project – Friday Eve" (1)

  1. May you rest well this weekend!

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