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My dear Ionia has taken a leave. I hope it is brief. Even a day without her, and I miss her. But this isn’t about me. This is about her. She needs time to fight the chipmunks and squirrels off. I hope she is gathering the minions to do her bidding while she is away. She already had Charles do a post on her behalf. Much as I enjoy Charles, he can’t replace Ionia.

Keep my dear friend in your thoughts and prayers. And let’s all hope she comes back to us stronger than ever.

You are loved Ionia. You are missed. The squirrels are propagating like rabbits. Soon they will be taking over.


Comments on: "Ionia" (5)

  1. I do ditto your loving words:)

  2. In case I haven’t told you, you really do mean the world to me. We are often not aware of how much of an impact someone makes on our lives until we miss them and I miss you. Thank you, for being you.

    • Same here. Get better so you can get back here. It isn’t the same without you.

    • My thoughts are with you sweet friend. I think of you often. You are loved by all of us and Pamela is write even a day without you on WP is a loss. Miss you and stay strong!

  3. Ionia is the cream of the crop! She is loved by many!! xoxo

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