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I started laughing from the first mention of squirrels. And it only got better. This was great!

The Community Storyboard

It was a boring day at the iphone store. The evil witch kept herself entertained playing Candy Crush Saga on the test phones for a few hours, until she looked up and saw a sweet, young maiden accompanied by a herd of squirrels, a flock of birds and a menagerie of other forest animals heading toward the store. Also there were seven short guys. Oh, never mind it was really just Charles reflecting off all the various windows, I digress.

“This could be interesting,” She said to herself, rubbing her bony hands together excitedly.

The maiden entered the store cautiously, as though she got some sort of strange vibe from the place.

The Witch restrained from letting out a cackle and smiled pleasantly at the girl.

“May I help you?”


The girl returned the smile, but hers appeared much more genuine and innocent. “I have been having a terrible…

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Comments on: "Poisoned Apple only in snow white (Fairytale Prompt)" (1)

  1. Thank you for reblogging prince Charles’ adventures. 🙂 Is there nothing original we can do to slaughter his name?

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