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What imagination. Great story!

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Once upon a time, a girl child was born with long, silky blond hair.  In fact, she pulled out of the womb, not head first, but hair first.  The doctors and nurses and her parents were both fascinated and repulsed by the sight of the bloody blond hair that lay pooled on the hospital bed.  A nurse came toward the infant with scissors and the mother stopped her.  “No,” she said.  “Let the hair stay.  I will wash it myself.”  She looked up at her husband whose face was a pale shade of gray.  “We will call her Rapunzel,” she said and her husband dutifully nodded.

At first it was a challenge managing the infant Rapunzel’s hair.  They had all expected her hair to fall out and then regrow slowly, normally. But the hair stayed and it continued to grow until, by the time Rapunzel was walking, her hair followed…

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