Not just a one day event, I'm blogging every day about what I'm thankful for

A little over a year ago, it was discovered I had high blood pressure. My mom had HBP and I am confident that’s what caused her death – she wouldn’t take blood pressure mess. She was sure she could control it “naturally”. Now she is “naturally” dead. I think that’s just dumb for such a treatable disease. I have no problem taking my meds…$10 every 3 months at WalMart.

But, I still have to go to the doctor to get my prescription. Last week I noticed I only had a week left on my prescription. So, I called the dreaded doctor’s office…and they were on VACATION!!! How dare they be gone. Actually, they got me in today. I thought that was pretty good since I didn’t call until yesterday afternoon. So $75 later, prescription in hand, I’m feeling pretty good.

The doctor said I was the picture of health. He was talking about my blood pressure not my wallet I would guess (since he cleaned my wallet out!).

So, I’m thankful for my meds to keep my BP under control. I’m NOT thankful that it cost me so much for him to take my blood pressure, listen to my lungs and heart and send me on my way.

Comments on: "Thanksgiving Project – Doctor, Doctor" (16)

  1. I agree with the meds thing. If your life is on the line then you shouldn’t take risks.

  2. I agree with taking meds. I hope you have a great vacation!

    • Sadly, it was the doctor on vacation…not me 😦

      • Yes, call me am idiot. I am afraid I am riding my bike right now and have been up since 4:30. Bad excuse I know, but I really want to read, I am just getting a bit tired I think. ( my bike is on a trainer – it is stationary;)

  3. Glad you got in to see him. Ouch on the $. My husband has been taking very good care of himself and has lost a lot of weight (because he has tons of will-powere and I have none) and just today was told he can get off his BP meds. Let’s see how he does and hopefully he does not have to go back on them. Good for you for taking care of yourself.

  4. I am so very glad that you have good health sense. It is true that there is a lot we can do with our diet and lifestyle that can correct or help with B/P issues, but hypertension that is persistent needs medication. Most people never have symptoms before a stroke. That is why it is called the “Silent Killer”.

  5. I’ll chime in too and say I’m glad you take your meds. If you need them, take them. I wouldn’t want you to leave us prematurely either 🙂

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