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Random Requests

I must be some kind of magnet for lonely men. My “other” message folder always has a new message from a man telling me how beautiful and sexy I am. And that he hopes we can be friends first and develop a relationship.

Really??? I’m a beyond middle age woman and these are mostly younger men. My Facebook page is pretty private and I sure don’t do anything to attract this attention.

Then tonight I got an actual friend request from a man I’ve never heard of. I get lots of friend requests from people I don’t know because of my position in the community…but they are local people and they think they know me even though I may not really know them (in which case I accept and then lock my page up from them).

Are there really that many desperate lonely people out there? Is it me? Or is this happening to everyone?


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  1. Not sure. Some days it feels like most people are lonely and some days it feels like most people are happy.

  2. I get the occasional letter in various places (facebook etc.) from men saying I’m beautiful and sexy and they’re lonely and want to find someone with similar interests to marry… Yeah. I just ignore them.

  3. You must have that “special” something, Pam! 🙂

  4. I would say yes, there are tons of lonely men out there. I was one of them several years ago until I took positive steps to end it. I am sorry the dolts won’t leave you alone, shame on them. I will be your friend and won’t ask for a date… Good Lord.

  5. What amazes me are the number of men who want to friend me on facebook claiming to think I am beautiful and they read my profile (which clearly states that I am happily married) expressing a desire to get together when they are, “In the country.” I am wondering if their foreign wives and girlfriends know they are posting these messages. they are always under “Other” on my FB friends.

  6. I am not in Facebook. But once – when I did the Internet dating thing – it was like that. And I did not even have my picture posted! I would rather give up chocolate for life before I go back on the Internet for a guy.

  7. Much of this sounds like Spam, like the kind of stuff I get in my Spam folder from Gmail. And I’m not saying this just because nobody tries to hit me up through Facebook 😉 It’s even happening on WordPress where I see fake profiles (bots?) following me. The few times I’ve gotten Friend requests from people I don’t know, I just block them. According to Facebook, they don’t know they’ve been blocked. If they are real people, they may be desperate but I doubt that they are lonely.

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