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The Other Shoe Has Dropped

I just got an email from my aunt. She told me she wants me to copy “each page from each diary” for her.

Keep in mind, my mom had these for over 20 years and nobody cared. Also keep in mind my mom’s brothers came to her house to read them. Also keep in mind that I don’t trust my aunt any further than I can throw her.

So, I’m too upset to respond tonight. But I will respond tomorrow. I was accused of being selfish. But I will send a firm but polite email telling her I’m in the process of having them scanned in and will be happy to provide DVD’s at a cost. Or, they are still available to be read at my house.

And, keep in mind that I am 55 years old and don’t appreciate being talked to like a child from an aunt who has financially bled at least two of her sisters dry. And, keep in mind that she wanted yo buy a sewing machine of my mom’s and we have never seen a penny (my daughter could have used this machine).

I’m sure people will think I’m holding back but there are some entire years missing. I don’t know if they are lost or if she just didn’t write then. And they need to understand, these are not about earth shattering family secrets. They are filled with daily minutia. Things like ‘kids went to school today’ and ‘Charlie bought a cow’.

Okay, just writing this has calmed me a bit.

Thanksgiving Project – Long Weekend

I love long weekends.  

My typical two day weekend means that on Saturday I run errands, catch up on things I didn’t get done during the week, laundry, you get the idea.  Then Sunday is a day of rest – I like to lay in the sun in the summer – but I like to spend my time reading.  Maybe catch up with a friend. 

But then Monday comes way too early and I feel like I just need that one extra day.

So, this weekend I get that extra day.  Today I spent cleaning, grocery shopping, meeting a friend and now I’m tired and ready to just curl up and read until bedtime.  Tomorrow I am not going anywhere – it will be a day to lay around and read (hopefully in the sun).  Monday is a combination of the two – I am meeting a friend at a local winery and then going to see another friend – but I will have all morning to do nothing – and then the evening to get ready for another work week.  

Really, we need to figure out how to have a three day weekend every week.  But I’m thankful today that I can take advantage of this three day weekend.

The Chain of Madness Experiment!

Great chance to have some fun and write just a piece of a story. Check it out!

An Interview with Becket, Author of The Blood Vivicanti

...and then there was Sarah

BecketI am pleased to welcome Becket, author of The Blood Vivicanti, for an interview. You may be most familiar with Becket on his Facebook page, where he talks about his job as Anne Rice’s personal assistant, his awe-inspiring years living in a New Orleans monastery, and his love of everything geek. Now, Becket can add “author” to his list of life experiences as he introduces us to the first of six installments in the serial novel, The Blood Vivicanti. The serial involves an entirely new and unique set of blood-drinkers, which were born of a collaboration between Becket and Anne Rice.

I hope you enjoy my interview with the charming and lovely Becket, who, on top of everything else, is just an all-around awesome guy to chat with. And thank you, Becket, for stopping by!

Stay tuned after the interview for my review of The Blood Vivicanti

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The Words You Whisper

Thanksgiving Project – What was I thinking?

First of all, I was going to take today as a vacation day so I would have a four day weekend. I didn’t. But I got so much done at work. The phones didn’t ring (I think a lot of people took today off). No interruptions really helps get things done.

Plus, I’m on a hiatus from Facebook. I’ve been finding that it is all recipes (that’s what Pinterest is for), political jabs and ugliness (both sides of the aisle) and just cute little memes and pictures with quotes. But my friends that do all if the above, post just enough personal stuff and pictures, that I can’t hide them. Plus Facebook can be a huge time suck. So, I announced that I was going dark for awhile. It may be permanent. I won’t deactivate my account because I want to still check my daughter’s page for pics from her fashion stuff and Soren.

But I have felt so much lighter. No reason to go there (Andrea’s stuff is sent to my email). So my self imposed Facebook exile is doing what I needed it to do – free up my time.

So today at work was a very productive day.

But, I canceled my cleaning lady this week. I thought it would be good for me to clean my own house because I know there are probably things I will do that she doesn’t do. I cleaned the basement tonight. But what was I thinking? Tomorrow when it is supposed to be 87 degrees (my kind of weather), I will be stuck inside cleaning. At least I’m halfway done since I cleaned the basement tonight. I love a freshly cleaned house and I know I will love it when it is done.

Today, though, I’m really thankful I usually have my house cleaned. But I’m thankful I am able to do it myself once in awhile too. And I’m thankful I was able to get so much done today at work (I still brought some stuff home this weekend). And I’m thankful I finally said “no more” to the Facebook drama and garbage.

Workaholics and First Kisses

2 Fantasy Novels for 2 Dollars!!!!

Have you started reading this series yet? You should.

Legends of Windemere

Both of these high fantasy novels
are available on Amazon for
.99 cents!!!







Excerpts from Legends of Windemere: Beginning of a Hero reviews:

“This was a good book. No, it was a great book. There was adventure, a teensy bit of romance, great characters who were described in wonderful detail, and a story that kept you wanting to read more.” -Pamela Beckford

“I have always loved fantasy. I think the very first series I ever read was the Belgariad by David Eddings. Although it has it’s differences I couldn’t help but be reminded of the Belgariad while reading Legends of Windemere. The main characters are alike. They are both young and full of themselves. I can only imagine how much Luke Callindor will grow though the series.” -Annie2186

“I enjoyed the book. I wasn’t sure about the present tense, but I thought it…

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Friday Music: A Silent Film – Let Them Feel Your Heartbeat

I really liked this song – enough that I’m listening to the album on Spotify right now – enjoy!

C. Miller

A Silent Film is, respectfully, my second-favorite band. Sometimes they’re not; sometimes they’re my favorite too. They’re the only band (in my mind) that is on par with the magnificence that is Geographer. Sometimes, I have my moments where I love them more (probably because I’ve been listening to them for longer and some of their songs are just . . . SPECIAL to me, I suppose you could say).

There is something about A Silent Film’s lyrics. They aren’t the poetic masterpieces that are Geographer’s lyrics (that will leave you guessing after first listen and still guessing after a year of listening). But they’re special. They’re so simple, but have so much behind them, I think. When I say that they’re simple, it’s not that they’re simplistic. It means I GET them. Sometimes it takes a good deal of thinking, but they’re GET-ABLE, if that makes sense. Geographer and…

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Book Review: Beyond Dusk – Anne


I don’t normally read short stories or novellas. I was reminded of that reading this engaging story…it was just too darn short. I wanted more. Greedy I know. But the characters created in the series are so well thought out and described that I just want to know them even better. I feel like I’m part of their lives, even if it is a relationship looking in from the outside.

This story enhances the series, but you wouldn’t have to read the series first necessarily. Although I do think the novella makes more sense after reading St. Charles at Dusk.

Do I recommend this novella? You bet I do. I recommend St. Charles at Dusk and The Storm and The Darkness too. I can’t wait for the next book in the series to come out. This novella just reminded me that I want more!

I was given this novella in exchange for an honest review and these opinions are honest.

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