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I took a few hours today to meet up with a friend. She is someone I connected with a few years ago on a weight loss website. She lives in Iowa, but is originally from a town about two hours from me. She comes to Indiana once or twice a year to see her aging father and we have gotten together many times. There is never a loss of anything to talk about.

The last thing I had time for was to meet her in the middle. So, one hour drive each way and three and a half hours of catching up. But I’m so glad I did.

I had a very interesting morning. I needed to pick something up at my day’s house. He wasn’t home, but I have a key. I really wish I had listened better when he explained about the door alarm through his med alert company.

I grabbed the key fob, pushed what I hoped was the right button and unlocked the door. All of a sudden a very loud alarm started going off. Nothing worked. Then a voice started talking to me from the wall in his bedroom. I explained who I was. Did I have the password she asked. There’s a password? Okay, I will call my dad and get this taken care of immediately.

Of course before I could even call his cell phone, the house phone rang. I saw it was from this company so I answered. I explained again. This lady asked me for the password. I said if I could get off the phone, I would call him and get it taken care of.

In today’s world of speed dial, I needed my cell phone to call him. It was out in my car since I was only running in to pick something up. Before I could get out the door, the house phone rang again. Same company. Now I have talked to a third person. This one was calling to tell me that protocol is that the police are called…and they would be there soon.

Sheesh! I finally started trying to reach my dad. His phone wasn’t turned on. So, I called my sister. Busy. Tried my sister’s cell. No answer. Definitely not my morning. Police show up. I explain. Again. Show him my ID which he calls in. Policeman leaves. I drive to both places my dad hangs out every morning. No sign of him.

I drive back to my dad’s house. Still no dad. Still no cell phone turned on. I have 45 minutes to make a 40 minute drive now. Finally call my sister at home. She isn’t there. Talk to my 16 year old niece. Explain. Again. She doesn’t offer anything but to call her mom’s cell phone.

I decide I should leave a detailed note in the door telling my dad what happened and that he needs to call this company and the police and then me. I leave.

Finally get my sister on the phone. She doesn’t know the password either. But she offers that her 16 year old most definitely does. This is the same child who didn’t offer me any help. *smh*

I get to my lunch with my friend just in time. Dad doesn’t call for another two hours. When he did, he laughed and said “it works!” I wasn’t laughing. And he called me first instead of calling the alarm place and the police.

I don’t even understand why he alarms the house anyway. Small, safe town.

Too much excitement for me.


Comments on: "Thanksgiving Project – Alarming News" (15)

  1. Sounded like you were under a lot of stress my friend! Luckily it all worked out in the end.
    Sending you hugz! ❀

  2. Yikes! I hate alarms. Like when at the store and the checker forgets to scan your item in and the door alarm goes off. Grrr. Well I am glad in the end it kind of worked out.

  3. This same crap has happened at my folks place. it’s so aggravating! Glad you weren’t arrested. πŸ˜‰

    • The advantages of a small town. I showed him I had a key to the door. I’m very convincing too. And really I could have just left before the police arrived. But I waited.

  4. That’s a headache that one can do without.

  5. I hate house alarms. We have one which is no longer connected to our front door. So what usually happens is we come home from work, the cats are doing figure-eights around our legs, begging for their meals, we have stuff we’re trying to unload. We’re distracted and then one of us opens either the side door to the garage or the door to the porch without checking the alarm. All hell breaks loose. It sounds like a police siren going off inside the house. I jump and my heart stops and starts. The cats go flying in three directions (well, two directions since Luisa is hard of hearing and usually just sits there wondering what the fuss is all about). And we practically trip over ourselves trying to get to the alarm to shut it off. It usually takes an hour for my pulse to return to normal. Not fun. Hope you have your Dad’s password next time πŸ™‚

    • First of all, I will do what my sister does – not go in if he isn’t home. Second of all, yes I know the password. I saved it because I’m sure I will forget it though.

  6. Sorry you had so much trouble. I can certainly relate. After so many incidents and having to remember my password, which I could never remember, I finally wrote it in big letters across the dry erase board in the kitchen. Just hope the bad guys don’t think to look there when they break in.

  7. Yikes! What an adventure. Luckily it ended well (enough!)

    House alarms are so much fun – ours used to go off for no reason the day before Christmas every year, without fail. The ‘house’ alarm at work (used to work in an old house) used to go off if the wind blew funny! Luckily, both were in small towns!

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