Not just a one day event, I'm blogging every day about what I'm thankful for

I slept with the window open last night – finally convinced Warren that really it would be okay to turn off the a/c since it was cool.  But I woke up with icicles all around me.  I felt like I’d been put in a deep freezer.  Fortunately, I still had my winter blanket and heavy quilt on the bed (I’m still waiting for summer to arrive).  48 degrees!!!!!!  That is outrageously cold for middle of August.

So, we had spring until the end of June – summer finally showed up for a week – then fall arrived.  I hope this is not what I have to look forward to the next few months – this season stuff is all out of whack.   I need summer!

So, what’s a summer girl to do?  Well, I guess take advantage of every second of any temperature when I don’t have to be bundled up – no chance of that today since it didn’t even get up to 70 until 5:00 pm

But, this is supposed to be a blog about what I’m thankful for each day.  I have so much to be thankful.  First, that today wasn’t yesterday! I don’t think I could survive two days in a row like that.  Second, I’m thankful I have a job that I love even though I’m working too many hours and it is stressful.  Third, I love my new friends – they always make me smile (sometimes they make water squirt out my nose because I’m laughing too hard!).  Fourth, I’m glad for friends that check up on me and pay me unexpected visits to help cheer me up.

Much of that isn’t new, but I’m so thankful for all of those things every single day so it bears repeating!


Comments on: "Thanksgiving Project – What’s a Summer Girl to Do?" (8)

  1. Right now, I would love all up on some 48 degrees. 🙂

  2. Brrr! So cold for August indeed Pamela! Vegas will be between 104 and 108 this week and mid 70’s for lows. The real estate market is good here, c’mon down .:)

  3. Yep. It be cold in Illinois. This is some strange weather we have had. Maybe summer will come in December? 🙂

  4. I can’t even begin to relate to 48 degrees in August having never been out of the South in August. All I know is heat and humidity. Dog days. We even have Indian Summer into October. Now that i am in Florida, we rarely even have days that are 48 degrees in the middle of winter. I envy you today, but I won’t come January.


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