Not just a one day event, I'm blogging every day about what I'm thankful for

Another really hectic day at work. I guess I should quit saying that. It seems to be the norm.

But it was all good. I was able to go for a tour of the new facility for Franklin Electric. It was absolutely amazing. Natural light everywhere. No cubicle or office didn’t have a great view out the windows. But I wonder how it will be in the grayness of winter.

And the computer guy was in to get my MacBook software loaded and everything networked. And a different guy was working on getting my Microsoft Exchange set up. Of course there were problems. Exchange has a problem with one of the Microsoft servers or something so it won’t work with my Outlook on the MacBook. We tested it extensively. None of the Mac machines could install it. So, Microsoft is working on something on their end. Grrrr

But, I was thrilled to come home tonight and walk in the house and smell…cleaning products! I forgot that my cleaning lady was going to be here today. I doubt there is another person that feels such a sense of calm when they come home to a spotless house as I do. Plus I’m home alone this evening. Just enjoying the quiet.

I haven’t been able to really do much reading…too stressed to focus and too tired to stay awake.

But life is still good. And tomorrow is Friday!!!!!!!


Comments on: "Thanksgiving Project – Sweet Smell of….Ammonia?" (6)

  1. Awesome clean! Ammonia smells great!!

    Mac doesn’t like certain software as you know but what bugs me is that Microsoft is everywhere. What is needed is a single operating platform for all of this software. Mac, and MS need to get together and standardize this stuff, it’s ridiculous and out of control.

    • Well I think the problem is that we were trying to network pc and Mac. Then the Exchange issue. It gives me a headache. But I think I’m good to go on everything else.

      I’m loving the Mac air though. I don’t plug it in all day and then it is only down to about 60%

  2. Have a relaxing evening in your clean house;)

  3. Good god, woman…buy a ticket, take the ride, as Hunter Thompson used to say…before he shot his ashes into outer space. You need some down time. There’s no ammonia smell here though, only Pacific sea salt and that lovely smell of damp, dying, growing, jungle where everything is out to eat while trying to avoid being eaten. I’ve been absorbed by the Pecho Amarillos who nested twenty feet from my balcony, and their efforts to get their brood to get out of their nest…it is a hoot…the young ones bringing up new nesting material to seem necessary, and the adults tossing it off the nest. Teenagers are teenagers, I guess. And Franklin Electric sounds like they need a Costa Rican division. Bring that up at your next personnel meeting.

  4. I’m glad your house is clean and besides, today is Friday, so enjoy my dear Pamela!

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