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Am I crazy?

Admittedly, I can be crazy at times.  I can even be one of these people who don’t read everything and jump to what they want to say.  But I put this post on Facebook earlier today.

“I love my Nook and actually read mostly on my iPad (unless I’m in the sun). But so many of the books I want are only available on Kindle (boo to Amazon for that control). So, I’m thinking of investing in a 6″ Kindle with eInk. Do you have one? Is it worth it to spend the extra money for the one without the special offers? Or are those offers not that big of a deal? Let me know if you have one with the offers and what you think.”

I have received responses about how good the offers can be (I don’t care WHAT the offers are, just whether or not they are annoying while I’m reading), the pros and cons of a Kindle Fire (I have an iPad as it stated in the first few words so why on earth would I want a Kindle Fire?), and that I should just read my Nook in the sun and download the Kindle app. Oh, and that maybe I should google what kind of offers they are.  Again, I could care less WHAT the offers are, just if they are too much of a nuisance.

Sheesh!  Am I that poor of a communicator that I deserved those responses that were totally not what I was asking?

However, I’m asking my WordPress friends who have a Kindle – not the Fire – but a plain jane Kindle what they think.  Is it worth it to buy the Kindle WITHOUT the special offers, or are those offers unobtrusive enough that it will not disrupt my reading.


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  1. I’ve given up on Facebook. My account is still active and its there if I need to contact particular people, but other than that, I don’t use Facebook anymore. Some people are… I just dunno anymore! Hahaha!

  2. LOL hilarious! I LOVE my kindle. I have a kindle touch, the normal e-ink one that I got off of ebay for $50. It’s awesome and the special offers are only on the lock screen or at the bottom of the main menu page. It’s not annoying at all. My daughter has a kindle fire and I hate that thing. Love the ipad but prefer to read on my kindle touch.
    hope this helps.
    : )

  3. I don’t have a Kindle, so I am not any help.

  4. I can’t say much here other than Rebekah just bought the Fire and likes it very much. Offers? You mean advertisements? If that’s the case I would pas it by. Advertising – the scourge of radio, TV and internet!

  5. The ‘joy’ of Facebook. People only read part of a message or what they want to read. I’ve posted stuff like that and gotten wild responses. I don’t find FB posting much use beyond the book promo sites.

  6. I have both. I don’t see an issue with the plain one. The offers only come up on mine when I turn the screen off. I also have an old one though (about 2 years) so it might have changed. I also have the kindle fire and it has more ads than plain Jane. Hope that helps!

  7. It’s not you Pamela, people just don’t read.
    Having said that… haha… are you saying that if you buy a basic Kindle it makes you look at ads? That’s awful! I have a very basic Kobo, which I love (and which wouldn’t help you because anything Kindle select sells – like Legends of Windemere – I have to read on my computer) but I’ve never seen an ad on it.

    • I actually read the first Windermere book on my Nook. But Prodigy is exclusive to kindle. Just an example though. I mostly read through the app on my iPad. But out in the bright light I use my Nook. Just wanting to expand my options.

      Amazon tried to compete with price so they added Adds. I guess they are just on the lock screen though (see previous comments)

      • Ah okay. Too early (read: pre-caffeine) in the morning for me to read comments. Sorry. My Kobo was great out in the Caribbean sun in January when I went to Antigua. It’s probably worth the investment.

      • I know. I’m still lounging in bed. I’m tired. I carry my Nook all summer. I just wish you could buy one reader and then buy the various books and you could read them on whatever reader you have.

        It’s like only driving on certain roads with certain cars. Grrrr

        Have a great Sunday

      • Is it Sunday? Haha. You too 🙂

  8. nuttyblurt said:

    I love my ‘basic’ Kindle! I take it everywhere with me – eg, when I’m travelling or even just going out and about. It has no other functions apart from just reading or buying (oh and the dictionary!), so it’s great 🙂 I couldn’t be bothered to upgrade it to Fire or the newer versions as my basic one is all I need for reading!!

  9. I just recently bought a Kindle Paperwhite with both WiFi and 3G network. I just bought it straight up from Staples. It does have ads on it but they don’t bother me. I didn’t pay attention to whether you could get one without ads. I also have a Kobo, but like you, a lot of the ebooks I want to read are only from Amazon. What I really like about the Paperwhite (and the Kobo Glo) is the ability to read at night without having a lamp on. Hope this helps 🙂

  10. I’ve read on Charles’ Kindle, and yes, the ads only pop up at the lock screen (kinda like previews at the beginning of a DVD movie). It didn’t bother me at all. I just ignored them and read to my heart’s content!

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