Not just a one day event, I'm blogging every day about what I'm thankful for

This may seem like a little thing to many, but it is significant to me.  Several months ago I knew something was wrong.  I checked my blood pressure which had always been on the low side – but I had been under an enormous amount of stress and loss (my mom died and then one of my staff people died just a couple of months later).  Anyway, when I checked it, it was very high.  It scared me and I got my butt into the doctor his next working day (this was on a weekend).  And my mom died from a stroke and I learned she hadn’t been taking her blood pressure meds – silly woman!

Anyway, yesterday was a crap day and I knew it was going to come in high even being on BP meds.  And I wasn’t wrong.  It was 140/88.  Not disastrous, but definitely merited watching.  I put everything out of my mind last night, went to bed early, slept soundly all night and it was back to 109/77 this morning.  I’m very thankful for that.  But I definitely need to keep an eye on my stress level and just ignore all the b s  around me.

I hope you are having a relaxing weekend – I have done nothing so far except take a shower and get dressed.  Heading out to go grab lunch at Shigs in Pit – yummy!  Then the grocery store (yuk, but we do like to eat!) and then home to mow (which is my time all to myself with nobody talking to me!).  I do love my weekends (I need to retire).


Comments on: "Thanksgiving Project – Blood Pressure" (8)

  1. Hope you get to relax. Seems to be that time of year for some of us.

  2. BP is indeed the silent killer. i’ve been on BP meds for years. So glad you are on top of this!

  3. Another John is on BP meds. (me). Good thing to watch.

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