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Quick Trip to DC

Shameless plug for my daughter’s blog. You should follow her as she goes on her journey to New York Fashion Week with her new collection.

Tidal Cool Creations


Its been a whirlwind weekend! After the Lookbook shoot in Pittsburgh on Friday, I headed out to DC for a business trip with model Arrey Lee and model/PR guru Allyn Lewis. We mixed in some sightseeing, but kept fashion in the forefront, and found some great boutiques to follow up with in the Old Town Boutique District.


Today I shot the new SS14 Collection with Les Joueurs Photography. Owner Isaiah Headen and I have collaborated before (click here for some of those fantastic photos), but I’ve never had the pleasure of working with him in person. We shot in studio, with Headen taking the lead, assisted and backed up with Brandon Sorenson, also taking stills, and Anthony Brenneman shooting some video. Its been awhile since I’ve shot in a studio, I can’t wait to see the photos! Here’s a sneak peek of one of the…

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