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While I love the story of Ani, the broader message here is great. Do read.

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

10 Blakey Topping (45)

So far I have spent most of the week playing catch-up after my long weekend while Ani has been playing catch with anything she can thrust in my hand to throw… and there have been some odd moves on that score! She loves being with her friends while I am away, but generally penalises me for my absence, as if she is keeping a secret tally. I scored points for picking her up with pig’s ears in the car and for my clothes smelling of strange creatures and landscapes, but inevitably lost them for not having taken her with me. But in all honesty, the idea of Ani loose in a county full of unpenned sheep, chickens  and occasional llamas is just not feasible…

I came downstairs to mayhem this morning … the sofa denuded of all cushions, her bed dismembered and her toys across the room… I assume there…

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  1. Thank you, Pamela!

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