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The Words You Whisper

Catching Fireflies


This was posted on Facebook by Higher Self Network, a page I follow for the inspirational quotes they share daily. This particular one has stuck with me since I saw it.

Have you ever noticed how we can be so kind to those around us, but so mean to ourselves?

I don’t know when it starts, if there is something in the water in grade schools across the country, or if there are subliminal messages broadcast on TV and radio programs that plant the seeds, but somewhere along the path toward adulthood millions of people learn how to mentally bash themselves.

“I am such an idiot.”

“I really hate my thighs.”

“I am terrible at sports.”

“I suck at math.”

“I can’t get anywhere on time no matter how hard I try.”

The list of potential areas for finding fault is endless. Everything from hair color, BMI, fitness level…

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