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Great chance to have some fun and write just a piece of a story. Check it out!

The Community Storyboard

This is something fun that the editors of the CSB just cooked up:

Q. What is the Chain of Madness?

A. The chain of madness is the CSB’s first attempt of a chain story and to pull this off we are asking for volunteers! So sign up in the comments below.

Rules and other Information:

After signups have been closed, we will post a list of volunteers.  Then, an editor of the CSB will start off the Chain and write the very first section. In the post he or she will link to a randomly chosen volunteer to continue the story.
The volunteer will write the next section of the story on their personal blog and link back the previous section. At the end of their section, the volunteer will link to someone off the list to continue the story.  This will continue until all volunteers have been picked.  The last volunteer will…

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