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The Other Shoe Has Dropped

I just got an email from my aunt. She told me she wants me to copy “each page from each diary” for her.

Keep in mind, my mom had these for over 20 years and nobody cared. Also keep in mind my mom’s brothers came to her house to read them. Also keep in mind that I don’t trust my aunt any further than I can throw her.

So, I’m too upset to respond tonight. But I will respond tomorrow. I was accused of being selfish. But I will send a firm but polite email telling her I’m in the process of having them scanned in and will be happy to provide DVD’s at a cost. Or, they are still available to be read at my house.

And, keep in mind that I am 55 years old and don’t appreciate being talked to like a child from an aunt who has financially bled at least two of her sisters dry. And, keep in mind that she wanted yo buy a sewing machine of my mom’s and we have never seen a penny (my daughter could have used this machine).

I’m sure people will think I’m holding back but there are some entire years missing. I don’t know if they are lost or if she just didn’t write then. And they need to understand, these are not about earth shattering family secrets. They are filled with daily minutia. Things like ‘kids went to school today’ and ‘Charlie bought a cow’.

Okay, just writing this has calmed me a bit.

Comments on: "The Other Shoe Has Dropped" (11)

  1. Definitely sounds like they’re after something. I’ve seen movie pirates less pushy for codes treasure maps. Okay, I’m watching Muppet Treasure Island.

  2. Take a deep breath. What you are doing is understandable and reasonable.

  3. You are handling this very maturely and respectfully so far. Don’t allow them to take control of your behavior and force you to get angry with them.

  4. Hang in there Pamela. *hugs*

  5. You know what I would do? I would write a letter to her and say everything you want to say don’t hold back. And when you’re done with it, burn it. once you have that out of your system then I would write her back very calmly saying if she would like the book she can send you a check and you will scan it. Hang in there!

  6. Wow, sorry this continues Pamela. I have ideas and opinions but know you don’t want to hear them. I just hope this settles down and fades away.

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