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Thanksgiving Project – Strength

I have decided that a God has given me the strength to just deal. A less strong person might have collapsed from the weight of everything by now. I’m not saying I won’t someday…but not yet.

Stopped to see my dad. He was actually in his power chair. I hadn’t witnessed that since he got to rehab. But then he told me he’d only been in it for three hours. He was asking to be put back in bed. Sigh

And, I had to feed him. He has to be able to feed himself. My sister sent me a text to say he announced to her friend who visited today that he was going home Friday. Big sigh

There is no way he is ready to go home. He can’t stay out of bed and in a chair for more than three or four hours, can’t (won’t) feed himself and hasn’t even been dressed for ten days. It would have to be a miraculous turnaround for him to go home this week. I’m just hoping he can go home in another 2-3 weeks. And I seem to be the one to tell him all of this. Really big sigh.

Then there is Warren. Our quick trip to the hospital for another 20 minutes of IV antibiotics took 2 1/2 hours again. Small town, small hospital. Where do all these sick/injured people come from???? At least his hand is better. But he still has ten days of oral antibiotics and a follow up visit to his regular doctor in two days. Of course, he is saying he doesn’t think he needs to take the meds. Why am I always the bad guy?

But the good news is, I am woman, hear me roar! I can do this. Just as soon as they get this tooth pulled tomorrow. That’s where I will fall apart.


So it was only three hours in ER tonight. He still is not happy with me. But he has a nasty infection. They gave him IV antibiotics tonight, took an X-ray to be sure there wasn’t a piece of the thorn still in his hand and sent us home. I have to take him back tomorrow night for another round of IV drugs. Then oral meds.

Thankful it wasn’t worse and that we didn’t wait any longer. And I’m sure he will get over being mad. He said “no needles” when we were walking in. But he never complained about the IV.

I just want tomorrow to be an uneventful day. I’m supposed to read to two kindergarten classes tomorrow. We are going to read Dragons Love Tacos and I’m looking forward to that. Except it is really foggy now and if there is a school delay, I won’t be reading. So I hope the fog clears up before morning.

Thanksgiving Project – Multiple Readers

I’m sitting in the ER yet again tonight. This time with Warren. He has been fighting me on coming since yesterday.

He had a run in with a large thorn from a thorn tree. You know, the kind with poison. He even had on gloves. It still punctured his hand. Now he can’t use that hand. And it is extremely swollen. Tonight I said enough and kidnapped him and brought him here.

No forethought so I didn’t think to grab my Kindle. And you know how boring it can be to sit and wait.

But wait! I remembered my Kindle app on my phone. Not a big screen but I can at least continue reading my book.

I’m thankful for the multiple platforms and that they sync up automatically.

I sure hope October is a better month though.

Weekly prompt: angst and longing in poetic form

Join in

be kind or go away

Wise words. A tiny bit of kindness goes a long long way. And it doesn’t cost you anything. Try it. You will be a better person for it.

Thanksgiving Project – Compassion

Today I am most thankful for the compassion God has given me. I’m far from a weepy eyed, puppy loving (well I do love most puppies), feeling sorry for everyone kind of person. But I truly do feel compassion for many people.

This has been brought home visiting my dad in the nursing home. I’ve been there every day he has been there or in the hospital. I joked with the nurse that there was a reason I didn’t go into health care (as she was helping with his bedpan). Seriously though I couldn’t do that. He has thrown up and I’ve been there to hold a basin. He has passed gas (loudly and less than fragrantly) and I haven’t run away. But I couldn’t do that with anyone else.

I’ve been watching some of these elderly people and talk to them whenever I see them. I genuinely feel sorry for them. There are few visitors ever. No one deserves that. I think most people hear about someone in the nursing home and it makes them uncomfortable so they don’t visit. I will never do that again. Sometimes just sitting is all they need.

Funny story though. There is one old lady who can barely get around in her wheelchair. Yesterday she asked Warren where he was going from there. Today she looked very confused. I asked her if I could help her. She said she was turned around and wanted to know if that hallway was the way to get upstairs. I told her there wasn’t an upstairs (it is a one story home). I offered to help her get where she needed to go. But she didn’t know where that was. A nurse came along about that time, called her by name and pushed her down the hall to her room.

I hope God continues to grant me the capacity to show compassion to these people. There was a time a few years ago I would have just ignored them.


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