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Thanksgiving Project – Time

We all say we need more hours in the day. I know I say that a lot. Of course that isn’t possible. But we all still wish it were.

We can, however, make good use of the time we have. You have exactly the same number of minutes and hours that I have. How can we get more time out of those hours?

Well for starters, one week ago today, I announced I was cutting out Facebook. I have always been a fairly heavy FB user. Funny, I have tons of friends…and they really are all people I know. And I interact with many of them regularly. It got so it was taking an inordinate amount of my spare time. It became that “just one more straw” thing.

Besides, there is entirely too much crap on Facebook. Controversial (and often untrue) politics from both sides of the aisle, silly game updates, recipes (isn’t that what Pinterest is for?), and more junk too numerous to mention. I swear, nobody has a half way original thought in their head!

Well this camel finally got its back broken. I knew something had to change. And walking away from Facebook was the first logical thing to go. So, I announced that I was backing away and if anyone needed me to know something, they would have to message me or text me or just tell me.

I heard from a few people besides the ones I see regularly. Nobody died because I’m not around. And the only reason I haven’t deactivated my account is because of my daughter. I want to see her photo shoot pictures. And, of course, Soren!

So, I changed my settings…hid a bunch of people so I don’t get distracted and only check once a day. I think this is the way I’m going to do it from now on. I feel like a weight as been lifted off my shoulders. I’m thankful I finally said ‘enough is enough’.


Comments on: "Thanksgiving Project – Time" (11)

  1. Sounds like a smart plan. I do only lurking and book promos on Facebook. I barely do anything else there.

  2. Good for you. There’s a lot to be said for simplifying one’s life.

  3. Great news! Wish my wife would close hers and just keep the ‘sisters’ account. whatever, it’s her account. I never liked FB. Too much crap there.

    • I understand where you are coming from. You are a very busy person. I was once in that boat myself. But now that I am retired and my grandkids are old enough that they don’t need a whole lot of my attention, FB does pass a lot of time for me.

  4. Close to following your steps…I was drug there kicking and screaming anyway…the last holdout in my circle of family and friends. I only joined because, My Name Is Not Bob blog had it as a “to do” on the 30-day platform building posts.
    Enjoy the time and peace.

  5. Since I started blogging I have been less interested in FB. I still check and comment but not as much. Good for you for setting your limits.

  6. I started with FB merely to keep up with family photos years ago and it has warped into something entirely different. If it weren’t for the marketing i have to do with my book, I would have closed off to just close family and friends a long time ago.

  7. Time is a curse. I’m glad you are trying to gain control. I am trying to figure out Facebook but am still in the dark

  8. No FB for me. I try to find other ways to budget time. I do alot of multitasking. Of course right now it is 2am and I cannot sleep, so I am trying to get caught up on WO – for once! I will be paying dearly tomorrow.

  9. Good for you for pulling the plug on FB. I’m not sure I could do it. In fact, I think I’m spending more time reading blogs than being on FB, which is ok! I think I get more out of the blog reading anyway. ~Gina

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