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I got a phone call at 10:00 this morning from my sister. She never ever ever calls me so I knew it was important. It seemed my dad had gone to see his doctor this morning because he had been having pain since Sunday. Of course, he hadn’t mentioned it to either of us before. Anyway, the doctor sent him to the ER for tests.

After hearing nothing at noon, I decided I needed to drive to the hospital and see what was going on. Luckily the Rotary luncheon I was scheduled to speak at, had double booked. They felt awful in was relieved.

Anyway, off to the hospital in dad’s town…a hospital I would never go to myself nor would my mother have. And we waited…and waited…and waited…and waited some more. Patience has never been my strong suit anyway. After I had been there for nearly two hours they finally took him for a cat scan. My father is completely non ambulatory. He can feed himself IF it is all ready for him and he has a straw to drink everything.

So, they brought him back and we waited some more. He was in a lot of pain. This is a man who has lived with incredible pain for 40 years. So when he complains about pain to the point of tears, you and I would most likely be screaming. I couldn’t get anyone to give him anything. They were “busy” I was told. So, we waited some more.

Finally at 5:30 they put him in a room. He will be having gallbladder surgery on Thursday (no one can say for sure when though). Tomorrow is an MRI to see about a mass on one kidney. That makes me very nervous.

Through all of this, day’s caregiver, Erv, kept inserting himself into my conversations with dad. He even went out to talk to the nurses. At one point, the nurse said something to me about ‘my brother’ and I quickly corrected her and said he was NOT family just his caregiver. Grrrr. Just one more thing.

He is finally settled into a room. I’m getting ready to head home for the night. I’ve cleared my calendar for the rest of the week. My sister is leaving Thursday morning for a missions trip. It’s gonna be a long week.

The good news is, I have been able to clear my calendar and because I grabbed my laptop before leaving work, I can keep up on things in the hospital.


Comments on: "Thanksgiving Project – A Rant and Small Things" (15)

  1. Hope your dad recovers quickly.

  2. I feel your pain. It is hard when someone we love is in pain. It also sounds like you are on the receiving end of the very thing that made me get out of nursing as a full time job. Too much work and too few hands hired to do it. Once upon I time, I loved my job as a nurse, when I had three to four patients to care for back in the nineties. When I retired, I was caring for thirty four, seriously, in extended care and pediatric patients at that. keep your chin up, and don’t be shy about asking questions when something doesn’t set quite right with you….not that you have ever struck me as the shy type…just sayin!

  3. I hope all your dad’s procedures and tests come out well, Pamela – good luck. Sending healing thoughts/prayers your way!

  4. Hugs and take care, Pamela.

  5. I hope for a speedy recovery – hang in there. We are here for you;)

  6. Ack! Yes…I had a gallbladder issue a few years ago and had to have surgery. The pain – before surgery – was awful. I truly believed I was dying. A stone had lodged etc. Bleh! I hope they’ve given him something for pain but I’m not sure how that works just before surgery. I’ll be thinking of you and hoping for speedy recovery.

  7. Hoping for a quick trip home Pamela. God bless your family.

  8. As I catch up on my blog reading I see this post! That was last week! Hope all went well.

    • Surgery was great. But keep reading. He’s been having a miserable time. Now he has a severe case of shingles. Back in the hospital.

      I can’t wait to hear about your fun girls celebration.

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