Not just a one day event, I'm blogging every day about what I'm thankful for

After my rant yesterday, this may come as a huge surprise. But, my dad was finally admitted last night. And he has had awesome nurses. The night nurse especially has been great! He is a model patient too. Really. He jokes with them…never complains or whines…doesn’t demand or expect much. I still say the ER staff sucked.

I’ve had to track down the day nurse a few times for pain medicine and anti nausea meds. I complained to the doctor this morning about the respiratory therapist and that was dealt with immediately.

I have not done much today except sit and listen to machines. That is exhausting. I haven’t been able to read much with so many interruptions.

And, a few tense moments with his caregiver. I’ve had to let the staff know that he is NOT family and should not be given medical information first. But nothing I can’t handle. Surgery in the morning and hopefully back home. I will stay a couple of days (that should set off the off-the-charts OCD caregiver). But no matter, it’s happening.

I’m thankful today for my day’s nurses.


Comments on: "Thanksgiving Project – Nurses" (3)

  1. Most Nurses really do care and take their job very seriously. I hate when the system makes things harder to work in where premium care isn’t possible.

  2. Sometimes we get lucky and get really good ones. I hope all of them are like that for you guys.

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