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Word Press snafu’s

Anybody else having blogs you follow just unfollow without your knowledge? I’ve found at least three blogs that I followed, just unfollow people. Strange.

Oh, and the WP iPhone app sucks. I love iOS 7, but a couple of the apps need more work. WP is one of them. Hope they work out the bugs soon.


Comments on: "Word Press snafu’s" (14)

  1. Yup, definitely been seeing that. It’s weird.

  2. A lot of people have been talking about that. Suddenly they are not getting the posts of people they followed or other such nonsense.

  3. I actually haven’t noticed this but a few weeks ago I wasn’t getting my daily digests to I had to change everything back to getting posts immediately and then my inbox blew up! I changed things back to daily or weekly posts and it has been working. I haven’t noticed anything being unfollowed. That is weird. I also don’t have any apple products so I’m not sure if that is the difference? ~Gina

  4. Yeah, I’ve definitely been noticing that. :/

  5. Same here, I have had to re-follow people! It’s quite frustrating!

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