Not just a one day event, I'm blogging every day about what I'm thankful for

So very many things to be thankful for today – I’m just going to bullet point them.

  • My dad was the best I’ve seen him for two weeks – he still hadn’t slept much, but his spirits were better and he wanted to sit up, actually wanted to watch tv and even asked to put on his glasses.  I’ve so missed having my daddy be himself so this is a HUGE thanks.
  • The weather wasn’t awful – it is the last day of summer and that makes me sad – but at least it didn’t rain all day and it didn’t feel quite as cool as I was afraid it would since the temperature had dropped by 15 degrees today.
  • I’m really loving iOS 7 – the new features are great and I’m getting used to the whiteness or brightness of it all.  Now if WP would just fix their bugs, it would be good.
  • I met a good friend for margaritas this afternoon – the bar was empty and I couldn’t get waited on for forever – in fact it was nearly 20 minutes and I still hadn’t seen a bartender or wait staff – I went to the front and complained to the manager.  It got me a free dinner AND a second margarita for free.
  • I felt like this was actually a normal Saturday – I still saw my dad like I do most Saturdays and ran a few errands, and finally I’m finding some time to read.  I hope to finish The Bat by Jo Nesbo tonight.  I was just notified by the library that The Redbreast was available so that will be my next book.
  • My blood pressure was awesome this morning – down to 111/73.  Since the stress I’ve been under had made it jump up a bit, this was very welcome news.
  • Warren is almost home from his quick trip to Tennessee to see his brother after his nephew was killed.  Warren and his son went down, but didn’t stay for the funeral.
  • I’m anticipating a restful day tomorrow.  I know several people will be stopping at the Rehab facility to see my dad after lunch so I won’t feel like I need to go until dinnertime.  I’m looking forward to a day of nothing.  Maybe I can get caught up on my sleep tonight finally.
  • I found false eyelashes today that had butterflies on them.  I am planning on being a butterfly for Halloween so they will be perfect!

I’m sure there are dozens of other things that happened today that should give me reason to be thankful – but those are the highlights.

Hope you had a million reason to give thanks today too!


Not a great picture – but here are the eyelashes!



Comments on: "Thanksgiving Project – A Million Reasons" (6)

  1. Will you post a pic of the false eyelashes?

    Glad to hear of some good days for your dad.

  2. So glad to hear that you had a good day.. it was a long time coming. Maybe things will settle for your dad a bit now. Love those crazy eyelashes. You will have to model them for us come Halloween!

  3. Such good news about your dad and you! (And a “You go, grrl” for getting that free dinner and margarita!) Enjoy Nesbo. I’ve listened to all of his audiobooks so far. He really puts Harry Hole through some tough situations. One of my favorite writers.

    • I read the Snowman first. Decided to start at the beginning and read The Bat. I’d have to say his writing improved with time. Started The Redbreast today.

      • Yes, I noticed that too. I can’t remember which one I started with, but I did listen to them out of sequence until Audible finally made Bat and Redbreast available. Nesbo’s writing does improve, and Harry becomes more complex. I have to admit, listening to Harry’s drunken escapades was very difficult because the narrator was so good. Those times I wish I just had a printed copy 😉

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