Not just a one day event, I'm blogging every day about what I'm thankful for

I knew I had a tooth problem. But I’ve been ignoring it since it didn’t hurt. Tried to focus on my dad.

Sidebar: dad is doing pretty well by the way. He was out of bed today and finally was able to feed himself. And I’ve been meeting with his elder law attorney to be ready in case we need further care. Plus to protect everything when he dies. I had to cancel my appointment with home health care.

Okay, back to my tooth. This morning I realized that the tooth had cracked and split in two. I have so many huge fillings from when I was a kid anyway. No pain but I realized I needed to do something as soon as possible.

I called the dentist. They got me in on an emergency basis for an extraction. I’m the world’s biggest baby at the dentist. I cry. I scream. I squeeze nurses’ hands and nearly break bones. I left my rings in the car in anticipation. Same nurse as last time. And she is the best.

They did the X-ray and agreed it could not be saved. They also said I had a nasty infection.

Long story short – 3 doses of Novacain and a dose of laughing gas, it was determined I couldn’t have the tooth removed until the infection cleared up. So next Tuesday we get to start this over again.

No pain before I went in. But my jaw and tooth aches tonight from all the digging he did today. This one tooth is going to cost me around $500 since I don’t have any insurance. Ouch!

I’m thankful for how patient and kind the dentist and his nurse were.

And I’m thankful my dad is getting better.


Comments on: "Thanksgiving Project – Dentist, I think" (12)

  1. I remember handling a cracked tooth in March and insurance was the biggest pain. Drove me nuts. Hope everything gets cleared up quickly and cleanly. Fingers crossed on no pain.

  2. Glad to hear about your dad…not glad to hear about the tooth. Ouch physically and financially!! Xoxo

  3. Glad your dad is doing better, Pamela. I feel your (lack of) pain on the tooth front. I have a ton of fillings from childhood too, and every once in a while. . . most of my root canals were done without insurance! So much fun! Hope everything clears up and the procedures go smoothly!

  4. Sorry about the tooth troubles. I know they can be expensive. I put out $1800.00 to save my daughters fiance’s front tooth and crown it (no insurance, but they are paying me back in installments), I fell in the shower when I was younger and busted out my four front teeth. Never mind the pain and the blood (it always looks like more blood in the water than it really is), but I had saved $1600.00 for a living room suite and guess how much my cost was? Yep, $400.00 per tooth! (We are talking 25 years ago.) I have no regrets though. The smile repair was worth so much more in the long run than a LR suite would have been 🙂 Glad to know your dad is feeling better and regaining his strength.

  5. Oh, just reading about your tooth made my own hurt! Just keep thinking of how much better you will feel (physically) when the infection and the tooth is gone. I know financially it will still be painful. We pay out of pocket for our dental needs. We had dental insurance for one year, and it didn’t save us any money. At least in Florida, most dental insurance companies seem like scams. I am glad your dad is getting better and hope he (and you) continue to improve 🙂

  6. Ay, ay, ay! You just reminded me that I need to go for that root canal. I keep hoping the pain will go away but obviously, it hasn’t. Ouch to you on ALL front$!!!

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