Not just a one day event, I'm blogging every day about what I'm thankful for

Today was wild. I had my board meeting this morning early. It was followed immediately by another meeting. I was feeling energized. Almost like my old self (I.e., before dad got sick). It was a productive, yet hectic day. And yet I took time to have lunch with a friend. It was really good to catch up with her. We usually have lunch once a week and it has been about three weeks since I’ve seen her so it was really good today. Then I was dropping stuff off to one of my volunteers and he wasn’t in, but another great friend I haven’t been able to see was there so we got caught up a bit. It was a long day…about 12 hours, but it flew by.

Then off to see dad. That didn’t start out so good though. He said he didn’t sleep again. Therapy went good, but he gets so worn out that then he goes back to bed. He has to start staying out of bed. And I told him that. In fact, I turned into my mother tonight. I told him the things that I know she would be telling him if she was still here. And he still loves me.

But then today I did a couple of things (both of which are things my mother would have done) that are against the rules. Number one was that since dad isn’t sleeping (he won’t take anything anymore to help – Ambien made him hallucinate, Tylenol PM didn’t help at all and the muscle relaxer made him sleep so hard that he couldn’t wake up), I knew we needed to do something else. So, we brought him some Valerian Root. He isn’t on any medication at all so I gave him some to help him relax. I hope he sleeps tonight. I told him I could stop by every night around 8:00 to give them to him if necessary.

The second thing I did was call my cousin. I have several in the family who are chiropractors. But she has been my dad’s chiropractor for decades. I asked her if she thought she could do him some good. She really couldn’t give him a full adjustment, but she met me at the rehab facility and was able to give him an awesome massage. He said he felt so much better when she was done. He is spending too much time laying in bed and I think he needed that to work out some of the kinks. Again, I’m pretty sure it is against the “rules”, but I really didn’t care. And she said she would come back tomorrow night if I wanted her to.

So really, I am a rebel with a cause – my dad needs to get better and we will do what we need to do. I will be stopping tomorrow so I can see the therapist to talk about keeping him out of bed more.

I’m thankful that I finally decided to act more like my mom. I talked straight to him and told him he wouldn’t ever get back home if he didn’t improve and the longer it took, the longer he would be there.


Comments on: "Thanksgiving Project – Rebel for a Cause" (9)

  1. Excellent! Bend and snap those rules Pamela!

  2. Stay strong, girl!

  3. Rules become guidelines when you’re breaking them for lived ones.

  4. Yes. Your father needs you. I was so far away – there with my dad but lived thousands of miles away and had to get back to work – etc. How strong and wonderful you are – I know he appreciates your efforts. Such a loving and close by family he has round his heart.

  5. I think your “breaking” the rules was exactly what needed to be done (my mom is a chiro and I’m a firm believer in their ability to help). Some days it’s good to be wild.

  6. You are his BEST advocate! That’s exactly what one has to do, just take control of the situation and manage it they way you think best. πŸ™‚

  7. I agree with brickhousechick. You are being your father’s advocate. That is not breaking the rules. xx

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