Not just a one day event, I'm blogging every day about what I'm thankful for

I’m tired. I’m weary to my bones. I wanted to just sit at home tonight. But I went to see my dad since my sister sent me a text and said he wasn’t doing very well tonight. I was there at 12:30 today and he seemed okay. But she went on to say he was depressed. And that she had a crappy day at work and didn’t want to deal with this. What? My day was not bad…just stressful. I have a sensitive situation I’m dealing with and it is creating unnecessary stress in my world. But I do what I need to do. And tonight I needed to go sit with my dad.

I stayed a couple of hours. He seemed in pretty good spirits. He was watching American Pickers. I think it is a stupid show, but he likes it. He laughed a few times. And he talked about my nieces coming tonight, especially the one who just started college this fall. It seems that my sister’s crappy day colored her impression of him.

I didn’t want to go back tonight. But I’m glad I did. I know that someday I will wish I was watching a stupid tv show with my dad again. I need to just treasure all this time with him.

But now I’m tired and need to find some quiet time for myself. I tried reading, but it is putting me to sleep. That must be a sign.


Comments on: "Thanksgiving Project – A Second Visit" (8)

  1. I am glad you see what is good in all of this. My husband actually loves American Pickers. He thinks he is one of them. He is not a hoarder, but I could have a perpetual garage sale going on with all the crap that is out there. (Greg is saving because it may be worth something.)

  2. American Pickers is somewhat interesting, but not the best. Good to hear your dad is maintaining. Go get some rest!

  3. Good to hear your dad is in high spirits. My dad watches American Pickers for the history info they give out.

  4. Hope you are able to rest up on the week end…we don’t have a television so, like you, we don’t watch it. To me, American Pickers sounds like a bluegrass show. I’d probably like it 😛

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