Not just a one day event, I'm blogging every day about what I'm thankful for

Today I am most thankful for the compassion God has given me. I’m far from a weepy eyed, puppy loving (well I do love most puppies), feeling sorry for everyone kind of person. But I truly do feel compassion for many people.

This has been brought home visiting my dad in the nursing home. I’ve been there every day he has been there or in the hospital. I joked with the nurse that there was a reason I didn’t go into health care (as she was helping with his bedpan). Seriously though I couldn’t do that. He has thrown up and I’ve been there to hold a basin. He has passed gas (loudly and less than fragrantly) and I haven’t run away. But I couldn’t do that with anyone else.

I’ve been watching some of these elderly people and talk to them whenever I see them. I genuinely feel sorry for them. There are few visitors ever. No one deserves that. I think most people hear about someone in the nursing home and it makes them uncomfortable so they don’t visit. I will never do that again. Sometimes just sitting is all they need.

Funny story though. There is one old lady who can barely get around in her wheelchair. Yesterday she asked Warren where he was going from there. Today she looked very confused. I asked her if I could help her. She said she was turned around and wanted to know if that hallway was the way to get upstairs. I told her there wasn’t an upstairs (it is a one story home). I offered to help her get where she needed to go. But she didn’t know where that was. A nurse came along about that time, called her by name and pushed her down the hall to her room.

I hope God continues to grant me the capacity to show compassion to these people. There was a time a few years ago I would have just ignored them.


Comments on: "Thanksgiving Project – Compassion" (10)

  1. You know, some of the funniest and most interesting stories that I ever heard were told to me by Nursing Home patients…if we only take the time to listen…there is so much we can learn. Like Doris Mc., who had 11 children and did not wish to burden any of them (but she could tell you where all of them were conceived and 2 weren’t by her husband, but he never knew that…LOL)…oh the stories they can tell! One poor old fellow, never forgave himself for having his father’s milk truck stolen from him while he was driving from the farm to the factory. His father actually thought that he had set up the truck theft to get the insurance to pay. He became estranged from his father over that issue and never got to make his peace with him. There is so much that many will take to their grave but for a good Nurse with time to listen. You are a good daughter to be there for him, even if you are sitting, not talking.

  2. Good story. Thank god there is Pam.

  3. Pam, you are a blessing to your father. You know your limits (bedpan) and there’s wrong with that if you can cope with everything else. Sometimes people do just want someone to sit with them, just be a warm, comforting presence. You and your father are fortunate that you can be together as often as you are. My sister moved heaven and earth to make sure that our father and a longtime family friend (who was like a grandfather to us all) were close by when they needed to be in a long-term hospital. I will never be able to thank her enough for all she did. You remind me of my sister.

  4. Definitely going through things like this reminds us of our own mortality

  5. Amen. Very touching. I told you the other day how wonderful a daughter you are… Ha!

  6. One of my biggest fears is ending in a place like this with no one to visit me. You are a saint, Pamela, for caring for people who may have no one.

  7. You’re absolutely right, no one deserves to be left alone under these circumstances. In a strange and odd way, we need their company as much as they do.

  8. So sad, but true! It breaks my heart. You are a good person!

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