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So it was only three hours in ER tonight. He still is not happy with me. But he has a nasty infection. They gave him IV antibiotics tonight, took an X-ray to be sure there wasn’t a piece of the thorn still in his hand and sent us home. I have to take him back tomorrow night for another round of IV drugs. Then oral meds.

Thankful it wasn’t worse and that we didn’t wait any longer. And I’m sure he will get over being mad. He said “no needles” when we were walking in. But he never complained about the IV.

I just want tomorrow to be an uneventful day. I’m supposed to read to two kindergarten classes tomorrow. We are going to read Dragons Love Tacos and I’m looking forward to that. Except it is really foggy now and if there is a school delay, I won’t be reading. So I hope the fog clears up before morning.


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  1. I have no idea what book Dragons Love Tacos is but it sounds awesome!

    *HUGS* Here’s to hoping your day tomorrow goes better.

  2. I never thought I would say this, but I hope you have the most boring, mundane day of your life tomorrow.

  3. Good to hear he’s okay. That is an odd book title, but makes sense for kids.

  4. Mmmmm tacos! Hoping Warren follows through with the meds. 🙂

  5. Passing a positive thought for tomorrow your way…if the fog doesn’t clear, you can read the book to us!!!

  6. I love stopping by every night. Hope I’m not making myself a nuisance, I rest better knowing you are okay. I feel bad for Warren, but you did right to get him into the ER. I had MRSA once and almost lost my left leg and it started with an ant bite. Hoping you get to do the reading and still have a mundane and boring day otherwise 🙂

  7. Good thing you insisted on taking him. Oh, men.

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