Not just a one day event, I'm blogging every day about what I'm thankful for

I have decided that a God has given me the strength to just deal. A less strong person might have collapsed from the weight of everything by now. I’m not saying I won’t someday…but not yet.

Stopped to see my dad. He was actually in his power chair. I hadn’t witnessed that since he got to rehab. But then he told me he’d only been in it for three hours. He was asking to be put back in bed. Sigh

And, I had to feed him. He has to be able to feed himself. My sister sent me a text to say he announced to her friend who visited today that he was going home Friday. Big sigh

There is no way he is ready to go home. He can’t stay out of bed and in a chair for more than three or four hours, can’t (won’t) feed himself and hasn’t even been dressed for ten days. It would have to be a miraculous turnaround for him to go home this week. I’m just hoping he can go home in another 2-3 weeks. And I seem to be the one to tell him all of this. Really big sigh.

Then there is Warren. Our quick trip to the hospital for another 20 minutes of IV antibiotics took 2 1/2 hours again. Small town, small hospital. Where do all these sick/injured people come from???? At least his hand is better. But he still has ten days of oral antibiotics and a follow up visit to his regular doctor in two days. Of course, he is saying he doesn’t think he needs to take the meds. Why am I always the bad guy?

But the good news is, I am woman, hear me roar! I can do this. Just as soon as they get this tooth pulled tomorrow. That’s where I will fall apart.


Comments on: "Thanksgiving Project – Strength" (14)

  1. Good luck and it’s great that you’re finding the strength. As for the meds, can you sneak them into his food?

  2. Oh yikes! I forgot about the tooth! Hope that heals quickly…let’s kick September off the face of the earth!

  3. It’s tough to have to always be the bad guy. I feel for you. Tell Warren, it is people who start antibiotics and don’t finish the course who have the worst complications…especially where resistant bacteria are concerned. This is not cough syrup that you skip because you don’t think the cough is bad enough. This could mean the difference between having a hand and not having it. (OMG…do I sound like a nagging biatch or what?)

  4. Gesh, I hope dad gets better so he can go home. What the heck did Warren get poked by! Must be some wicked stuff!

  5. Good luck with the dentist! BTW has your blog always had this tint of green or is that new? I like it! (I might be seeing green every where though, lol)

  6. Best of luck with the tooth! 🙂

  7. Love the ‘I am woman’ statement – indeed! Good luck with everything and pleased you are still managing to keep your head above…. just. 🙂

  8. Hopefully you’ll be roaring with relief once that tooth is out. I’m amazed you have any strength left. It’s bad enough dealing with these events without being made the bearer of bad news as well. I hope your dad will listen to you and understand that if he wants to go home, he needs to be able to feed and dress himself, etc. You can’t be with him 24/7 and he can’t be left alone at this point. Big hug and positive thoughts.

  9. I’m sorry you’re struggling. I too am hoping October is a better month than September. ~Gina

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