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This got me thinking

I read an interesting article on the Community Storyboard – you can find the original article here

But it got me thinking about the differences between men and women – no, not those differences. But how they are treated differently. I am 56 years old and I truly thought that all of the efforts for gender equality would have been, well, more equal by now. Maybe it is because I’m stuck in rural small town America. Hopefully it is better in large cities? We still don’t have wage equality, although more jobs are open to women than in the past.

When I was in college, women typically became teachers, secretaries and nurses. Not that any of those are unacceptable careers. But if a woman wanted to do something different, we had to continually challenge the system. As I’m older, I’m tired of challenging.

I’m good at my job – really good at it. But if I talk the way a man talks, I’m considered abrasive. If I make decisions the way a man would make them, I’m thought to be uncaring. But in reality, a man could make the same decisions or speak the same way, and no one would think twice. That is not only unfair, it is just wrong. Just because I have lady parts doesn’t change my brain and its capabilities.

I’m tired of going up against the man’s world I find myself immersed in. I’m ready to just hibernate and pack it in. But then, it is a step back for women everywhere. Women will continue to be seen as inferior or lesser than their male counterparts. I don’t want to be worn down by a system or way of thinking that continues on because I was worn out. But I’m weary.

Thoughts? Comments? Is it just me or do you find some of this thinking where you are too?


Comments on: "This got me thinking" (9)

  1. really well written- great insights and an even better continuation of my article

  2. Years ago I remember interviewing from within my company for a managerial position and the person who interviewed me (a man) told me I was too sure of myself. I was stunned. Would he have said that to a guy? I don’t think so.

    We can never step back and give up the fight, can we? Even on days when we’re utterly tired of the inequality nonsense. I am very fortunate to be working for a company now where only the sales department is filled with mostly men, although the sales director is a woman. My entire accounting department is filled with women, even the office in the UK. The CFO is a man, though, and we have one collections temp who is a young man. All the other departments have at least 50% women.

    Now there is one woman there, a worker-bee like myself, who does quality control for our website. She’s in her 50’s and doesn’t believe mothers should be working (of course, her mom never did). I had to drop some knowledge on her in the most polite way that I could. She still believes that if she ever gets married one day, she would decide to stay home. I don’t think I managed to reach her but thankfully, she’s in the minority.

    I enjoyed your thoughts on this post and look forward to reading more.

  3. It’s been that way ever since Adam and Eve. Eve came in second. I made my way up through the ranks at a local institution. The position normally would have required a degree that I didn’t have but I received outstanding evaluations every year. The company hired a man to fill a newly created position just above me. I did all the work for the guy and he signed his name to it. He even told me that it looked like I had been groomed for the position he held. After 18 years employment, I lost my job. They didn’t need me any more. Funny thing is (and I’m still laughing) he didn’t last too long. Seems he couldn’t get the job done without me.

  4. Men often regard strong women as abrasive because they feel intimidated by them. Women are simply jealous that they don’t have the courage necessary to take charge and feel inferior. You are beautifully abrasive and I would be flattered.

  5. Velma hit it spot on, it’s been like this since day one and will continue. Not that I agree with it as frankly I believe if a woman is qualified, give her the job! Some jobs such as front-line military are not well suited to women for reasons of physical strength. This is where those women’s libbers start in…

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